World Cup Russia - Arabia

World Cup Russia – Arabia Prediction

Inaugural match of the World Cup, perhaps, one of the most boring opening games that is expected, because not much is expected in this world cup, neither Russia nor Arabia.

While it might be thought that Russia is superior to Arabia, there are two choices that are more even than what can be thought of.
If we analyze the historical numbers of each one, Russia has 47% of victories, 28% of empats and 25% of defeats, while Arabia has 47% of victories, 25% of ties and 28% of defeats, we could say that almost tied historically.
Among them we do not have statistics, but they are quite poor in the world, with a Saudi that of the 13 games that played in the World Cups, won only 2, tied 2 and lost 9.
Russia, in the world has a little better numbers, but they are still bad: they played 40 games, they won 17, they drew 8 and they lost 15, so they lost a lot too.

But the opening match is always another story … they are even matches, where neither of them risks too much, and in general, in the first matches of the World Cup I think we will have several draws, because the first game is the most splashing of all.

But what is more important here is that both are going through a very bad time: Russia has 7 games without being able to see the victory, even in the last friendly lost almost everything: lost to Argentina, lost to Brazil, lost to France and lost against Austria, even though it was a tie against Spain 3.

Saudi Arabia comes with 4 defeats in the last 6 matches, but of course, it has also lost to big teams: 4 to 0 with Belgium, 2 to 1 with Italy, 2 to 1 with Germany, and lost against Peru, which is not a national team. great, but is going through a very good moment, and fell 3 to 0.

In short, even opening match, as they have always been, or almost always, two teams that historically have not reached much, and the two are going through a very bad time. Decanting for a Russian victory, although it seems the most logical, I have no doubt, it is a fee that has no value, because the houses are giving as much 1.48 the quota, which implies that they are giving almost 70% of chancse of victory to Russia, quota too inflated and has NO VALUE with that quota.

Prediction Today: Draw, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: : 4.8