Uruguay - France World Cup Prediction

Uruguay – France World Cup Prediction

Start the quarterfinals of the world cup, with this great round between France and Uruguay.

Here in Uruguay we are very happy with the work of the selection. Since Tabarez is at the front this is breaking records and we are getting used to seeing the celestial well up: South Africa 2010 quarters, 2011 America Cup champions, and now for this qualifying round, qualifying seconds, and also, winning ALL matches of the world

And yes, Uruguay has been the BEST SELECTION OF THE WORLD, as it has been the ONLY selection that won ALL the games it played.
The team is playing well olive, with a defense of Godin and Gimenez that works perfectly, as in the Atletico de Madrid, but with Coates, that when I play to enter gave excellently.
Uruguay is one of the toughest teams to overcome, because the defense is solid and firm, because we have two of the best strikers in the world, such as Cavani and
Suarez But while Cavani will not be in this game, the substitutes are also excellent: Stuani, who will surely play the game, has been one of the best players in the Spanish league, and also, Maxi Gomez, one of the scorers of Celta de vigo and he has also scored many goals.
The midfield, has a revelation like Torreira, who marks everything, fights all the balls, and also has technique. A player like Torreira, who had the option of
play for Italy, but he decided to play for Uruguay.
Not to mention the rest, Laxalt THAT runs everything on the court, Bentancur, another of the great revelations, and onion rodriguez, that when I play to enter has yielded very well, although of course, it is not for 90 minutes.
The only one I can see that was something below the level he can give is Naithan nandez.

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In Uruguay we are very excited, because we have great chances of getting into the semifinals, once again, as in South Africa.

Statistically speaking, Uruguay’s streak is AWESOME: not only did all the matches in the world cup win, but also, counting all the official matches takes a streak of 7 CONSECUTIVE VICTORIES, overcoming the streak of 6 consecutive victories, between 1926 and 1927, when it was the golden decade.

The celestial streak is awesome, the team is also one of the ones that has had the best collective performance.

France, it’s a great selection! I have no doubts. They passed the first group and eliminated Argentina in the round of 16.
It is a selection that has an excellent attack game, with Pogba and “the Uruguayan” Griezmann.
Yes, he is not Uruguayan Griezmann, but he knows Godin very well, they are best friends, Godin is his daughter’s godfather, and he has become a Uruguayan more because he has adopted Uruguayan customs, like music, takes mate, and ainda more! hehe
So much so that Griezmann said that if he had not played for France he would play for Uruguay.

But Suarez already heated the atmosphere, saying that Griezmann is missing to feel Uruguayan.

In short, France is an excellent team that has a very good offensive game. Moreover, ironically the French press said that they would play with 4 in the lead, something obviously impossible, but if it is true that there will be several players coming to the area.

But the problem is not only that it will be very hard to beat the Uruguayan defense defender, who received just 1 goal in all that goes of the World Cup, but also, France is WEAK DEFENSIVELY.
Argentina with very little thing managed to make 3 goals, so although it is true that France put 4, received 3, which denotes weakness of their defense.

Uruguay in attack has Suarez, but does not have Cavani. But Stuani will be, and he IS AN EXCELLENT PLAYER TO PLAY BACK KICKBACK. This coupled with the speed of Laxalt and Nandez, can cause very good kickbacks.

The odds should be much more even, but they are not and they give the French too much favoritism.

Much valuable the odds, we go with the victory of Uruguay.

Prediction Today: Uruguay
Odds: 4.6