World Cup Prediction Serbia - Brazil

Serbia – Brazil World Cup Prediction

Group E is very close, with Brasi and Switzerland equalized by 4 points, a Costa Rica eliminated and this Serbia with 3 and this one with a chance to even start first.
The victory in Serbia would be a big surprise, and although it seems very difficult, I do not see it that much, after what was the first two games.
The only good thing about Brazil was the first time against Switzerland, where they could have won by a large margin and could not, and in the second half they lowered the level a lot and ended in a draw.
Not to mention what was the game against Costa Rica, where Brazil attacked and attacked and could not break the ethical defense, and had to wait for the discounts to win the game.

So, as Brazil has been playing, I would not trust too much that they win a victory, or at least, the quota for their victory has no value.

Serbia is a team that knows how to defend itself and planytaran very hard back, as Costa Rica did, if they do, they will have half the work done, it will only be that they attack and be more effective than Costa Rica, and surely they will because they have a greater potential, before a Brazilian defense that is very flutty and that with the little that Switzerland attacked him he did damage with a gool.

I have no doubt, if Serbia defends itself as Costa Rica and attacks as Switzerland did, we can see a SERBIAN VICTORY.

Prediction of the Day: Serbia, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 7