World Cup Prediction Russia - Uruguay

Uruguay vs Russia World Cup Prediction

The last game of my selection is coming by the rupo, and spro we have a victory

Uruguay is a team that always costs a lot when it comes to being a protaonist. Uruguay likes to play more when it is NOT a protagonist, and against big teams, since that way it can show its counterattack and strength football.

The first two games of Uruguay were against weak opponents, or at least, where Uruguay was clear favorite.
First was the game against Egypt, where Uruguay came out with everything to win the game, but found the Pharaonic wall, and it was very difficult to penetrate and just finished 1 to 0.
Then, against Arabia, it was a fairly accessible opponent, like to goall, and it was not possible, just a 1-0 win and a very bad game played by the celestial one, as it usually happens when it plays against weaker teams.

Russia is not a football power, but is a team of more level in the group.
They beat Arabia and they beat Egypt very well, an Egyptian team that this time was not limited to defending only as against Uruguay, since they needed the victory.

Pro although Russia is not power, will make the complicated things and will want to take prominence, a little for the localia and another little for what showed in the first two games.

For that reason, it is a match where Uruguay will feel more comfortable, to play in a certain way against counterattack.
Although of course, it is not that Russia attacked the whole party and Uruguay took refuge back, but I think the party can be favorable to Uruguay if it has less prominence than the two previous parties.
In addition, the Russian defense is quite weak, which of course, could not be seen because he had two rivals who attacked him a little and the times he did it was with little power.
But with that Russian defense, Cavani and Suarez, added to other players who came on the offensive, can have a picnic, with vodka included.

Uruguay must win to not have to face the first of group b, although the second can be very complicated, be it Spain, Portugal or even, who I think will give the surprise: Iran.

Celecste victory must be given, enter Torreira, who will give more volume of play and Gimenez will not be injured, but has other good defenses in place, and Godin, is always

Prediction Today: Uruguay, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 2.8