West Ham - Stoke City Premier League

West Ham – Stoke City Premier League

Premier League: Day 34

 West Ham with a pending game and some points over the descent does not have much to worry about … besides his last 2 games he was good at Southampton 3-0 and that draw suffered with a chicharito goal at Stamford Bridge.

Stoke City is in danger in penultimate place in the general table and in case of losing would be taking a big step for the next season to compete in the Championship … however his last 4 rivals with which he lost were in the top positions with the exception of Everton (9)

The hammers were irregular, but at home they got an improvement except for that Burnley win, I saw some matches and they played well, the problem was the strength … I hope with the motivation of that draw with Chelsea and be able to add their second victory in a row. house, they have not been able to do it.

Their match last year at Bet365 Stadium was for West Ham 3-0.

Prediction Today: West Ham wins, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 2.02