Sunshine Coast - Olympic Betting Prediction

Soccer Prediction Sunshine Coast – Olympic

League game quensland where I particularly see much value to this quota, whether or not to try it in my opinion yes or yes, to start is a league where the defenses directly shine. its absence, the maximum exponent of what I say is this team of sunshine coast team that 11 games has received 59 goals with thrashed 13 and 15 goals, now that is a team that practically scores a goal per game since he has 10 goals in 11 games, his last home games were 1-5 against redlands, 1-3 against moreton and 1-7 against brisbane strikers team of similar level to the olympic since there are only 4 points between these teams.
More data that make me think that you can give this both score, olympic away from home has played 6 games out and received goals in 5 of them and in 3 of those games he received 2 goals. ..and finally the last visit of the olympic to his rival today ended with a 2-8 last season therefore I think a tip shot with all the intention whether it is green, pink or turquoise. ..

Prediction Today: Yes, Both Teams to score
Odds: 4