Goa-Chennaiyin betting tips

Goa-Chennaiyin Soccer Prediction

Indian Super League match where I understand you can give several goals the goa is the long team with the highest average goals a team that has a goal with 29 goals in 13 games and in defense they make waters with 25 conceded.
His last two home games have left 7 and 4 goals respectively and that is a team that is prone to crazy scores.
His opponent is a team that also has goal matches since he has a goal and in defense because he is not one of the best in the league.
These teams have already met this season was in the chennaiyin match that ended with 5 goals winning goa by 2-3.
Then we have two precedents with local goa against his rival and in last season went to 9 goals! With a spectacular 5-4 goa and a season before 2-3
Said which as they spend these equipment especially the premises I see feasible a moved party and with more than 3.5 goals.

Prediction Today: over 3.5 goals
Odds: 2.4