Europa League Marseille - Salzburg

Marseille – Salzburg Europa League

Europa League: Semifinal

This eliminatory is of the 2 less favorite teams to be champion and of lower level … nevertheless it is the most attractive one for having offensive proposals, they are playing in the same way either local or visit.

* Marseille is in this phase thanks to what has been achieved in the Velodrome where it is almost guaranteed victory, brings more path since the repechage and its style of play is very nice for that verticality … Payet is out of the box with a forceful Mitroglou and the good regularity of Ocampos.

* Salzburg simply the “black horse”, something strange … had the opportunity to participate in the Champions League, but being the owner of Leipzig the energy drink “Red Bull” preferred better to participate his German brother in Champions for having better staff and to be more competitive according to statistics and in the country they play … what I mention is in article 5 of the UEFA rules.

Although the Austrians have surprised us all by staying undefeated at Red Bull Arena and only leading a defeat in the tournament … that defeat was almost a “hook to the liver” for losing 4-2 against Lazio, it was still put forward on the return for to be a 5-2 global marker putting the penultimate nail to the coffin … but they did not have that courage of Salzburg to come as a locomotive, dragging everything in front of them and scoring 4 goals without answer to finish advancing 6-5 being a hubbub with all its fans with just reason.

What a coincidence! they faced each other in the group stage and Salzburg finished a leader with a good advantage, their match at the Velodrome was a 0-0 draw and in Austria they won the red bulls 1-0 … if that were not enough, Marseille comes to humiliate their brother Leipzig, “there is rivalry” wherever it is seen.

If I put on a scale the performance of each club and how they are playing, the French convince me more.

Prediction Today: Marseille wins, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 1.75