Juazirense vs. ABC Betting Prediction

Juazirense vs. ABC Today’s Soccer Prediction

Eleventh day, second of the rematches, of the Serie C tournament in Brazilian soccer. The Juazirense team will face the ABC one this Sunday morning, starting at 01:00 a.m. m. (20:00 ART on Saturday).

Under normal conditions, Juazeirense would have a good chance of winning (or, at least, not losing this game). However, ABC will not be 100% focused on this game, so, at least on paper, increase the chances of the local. My prognosis then is that the following may be fulfilled: “VICTORIA DE JUAZEIRENSE”.

This is my analysis:

– As we mentioned before, the strongest point of the tip is focused on the visitor group and we can break it into several items:

or ABC will not be 100% focused on this game as it is in the middle of the semifinals of the Copa do Nordeste. He comes from losing 1-0 on Tuesday in the first leg, against Sampaio Corrêa in the city of São Luiz (State of Maranhão), several hours away from Natal (Capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte).

o Between the cities of Natal and Bahia there are also several hours of plane and from Bahia to Juazeiro there are more than 500 kilometers, so it will be another quite tiresome trip for the players.

o It is also open the possibility that the ABC coach, Ranielle Ribeiro, will use substitutes to face the game in the state of Bahia.

o In last Saturday’s match for the C Series and in the first semifinal of the Cup, almost all the same ABC players participated, so even if they play some starters they could not be in optimal physical condition.

– After ascending from Serie D last year, and losing in his debut in the new category, Juazeirense accumulates 4 unbeaten matches in local condition, with 3 wins (no goals) 1 draw.

– Needs the win as nobody since it is in the relegation zone, although only 1 and 2 points from its immediate predecessors, so winning could even finish the date outside of Z2 (last two of the group, which will descend to the Series D).

– ABC comes from losing 2 consecutive matches (3, if we count the first semifinal by the Copa do Nordeste).

Recent history between both:

– They met on April 22 of this year for the second day of this tournament. Although Juazeirense was still adapting to the category, he barely lost 1-0 as a visitor. In addition, he gave the local a lot of work, since Juazeirense had more possession of the ball, more shots on goal and more dangerous attacks than his rival.

Prediction Today: 1 [Juazeirense wins], 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 2.6