World Cup Germany - Mexico

World Cup Prediction Germany – Mexico

Of course, here with a new and initial soccer match within the maximum competition worldwide, here begins the first of three games played by the Aztec national team, before returning home to comfortably watch the defining matches of this competition, for my taste this is a pretty clear match, on the one hand the current world champion with a dynamic game and fulminating bursts with this new generation of players supported by some players already with a lot of experience and ability, on the other hand a Aztec team that I think would play a little better if I did not have a coach, of course, as soon as the Aztec team finishes its third game and returns home then if they will thank the coach, of course the Aztec team will have largely retreated thanks to his coach and the coach will go with his sacks full of dollars, very good business for him, and the selection as always and forever will have thrown 4 years more to the garbage and has to start again, the objective total will have been fulfilled, that is to play its 3 games of rigor, for all the above I think, I think and I guess that probably and very likely the German box will have a field day In his first meeting and he will pass over the Aztec side, Germany wins by more than one goal, well at least I hope so.

Prediction Today: Germany -1.5, Asian handicap
Odds: 2.35