Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück Betting Predictions

In the shadow of the Champions League, to which this week all eyes are turned in football Germany, takes place in the 3rd league of the 28th game day and after this English week will be ushered in then only ten remaining laps the final spurt finally. For Fortuna Cologne and VfL Osnabrück, a prediction in this duel will be made later, it is thus also in the hot phase – for the one club in terms of promotion, the other club in relegation battle. One thing the rivals have in common on Tuesday night: Fortuna Cologne and Osnabrück will enter the pitch in the south of Cologne with a healthy amount of self-confidence. The hosts brought a last-minute trip to the sports friends Lotte and thus a big point in the table cellar. The VfL Osnabrück on the other side won at home on the Bremen bridge sovereign 3-0 against FSV Zwickau and increased the lead over the competition. Six points in third place (Halle) and eleven points in fourth place (Wiesbaden) is the comfortable cushion.

Football Betting Prediction Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück

An away win for Daniel Thioune’s team would further increase pressure on the competition. Both the KSC, as well as Halle and Wiesbaden play only on Wednesday and will follow the appearance of the purple-white in the cathedral city tense. The front runner is in the bookmakers as a favorite in the game, because in Cologne Osnabrück has odds of just over 2.00 for betting on the away win. Those who would like to venture a tip on the home side between Fortuna Cologne and Osnabrück will be rewarded with odds of around 3.50. The kick-off of the game at the South Stadium will take place at 19:00. It is the perfect lead before the Champions League match of Schalke 04 later this evening at Manchester City.

Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück Betting PredictionsFortuna Cologne – Statistics & Current Form

Thomasz Kaczmarek has managed after initial difficulties in his takeover of Uwe Koschinat his players to internalize the system and stabilize them with it. More and more, the progress is also in the table from and now with 33 counters are the Domstädter on the way to early league relegation. After the important success in Jena and the hard-won point win at home against the Red Devils from Kaiserslautern, the hard game in Lotte was the last time out. The Sportfreunde, still unbeaten in 2019, have an incredibly massive and closely staggered defense. Despite good performances, Thomasz Kaczmarek turned three times and brought Kegel, Abu Hanna and N`Gamukol into the team for Andersen, Uaferro and Bröker. These somewhat surprising changes were fruitful, as the people of Cologne presented themselves very flexibly in the game forward. The opening goal by Hamdi Dahmani shortly before the break was the deserved reward.

When Lotte came to equalize in injury time and Cologne apparently tore the threesome out of their hands, the Fortuna could counter again. By penalty at the last minute put center-back Moritz Fritz to 2: 1 and secured the much acclaimed victory. Fortuna Cologne are in a good mood before the game against Osnabrück and a tip on the hosts appears quite lucrative in three unbeaten games in series. On the other hand, the league leaders are guests and the Rhinelander “must” ran home in the South Stadium. Curiously, most of the points were last fetched abroad. With his own attachment in the back just jumped out of seven games out. It is important to expand this meager balance, then the league would soon be within reach.

Expected formation of Fortuna Cologne:
Rehnen – Ernst, Fritz, Kyere-Mensah, Abu Hanna – Shy, Brandenburger, Kegel, Eberwein – Ngamukol, Dahmani

Last matches of Fortuna Cologne:

⚽ 09.03.2019 – Lotte vs. Fortuna Cologne 1: 2 (3rd league)
⚽ 02.03.2019 – Fortuna Cologne vs. Kaiserslautern 2: 2 (3rd league)
⚽ 23.02.2019 – Jena Vs. Fortuna Cologne 0: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 16.02.2019 – Fortuna Cologne vs. Brunswick 1: 3 (3rd league)
⚽ 09.02.2019 – Fortuna Cologne vs. Zwickau 1: 0 (3rd league)

Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück Betting Predictions
Osnabrück – Statistics & Current Form

A look at the results and statistics speaks for itself. The VfL Osnabrück plays an outstanding round, rightfully ranks in the Sun in League 3 and wants to crown the season with the promotion to the 2nd League. 54 points after 27 games and six points ahead of third place are still a very good starting point for eleven games to be played. The great trumps of the team of success coach Daniel Thioune are the home strength and the good defense behavior. 20 goals are the absolute best of all 20 teams. However, VfL has had some problems in the recent past in away appearances. Only one of the last seven outings has been won by VfL. For a top team, this yield is far too low. After the clear 3-0 win at the weekend against FSV Zwickau, the Ligaprimus wants to refuel and send a clear signal to the competition with a threesome in the Rhineland. The last tense staff situation has relaxed a bit before the duel with the Fortuna.

Defender Konstantin Engel, who has earned his fifth yellow card in the top match at Karlsruher SC, is back after the suspension. Even Marc Heider, who had to pause last week, is back at full strength and will act alongside top striker Marcos Alvarez. The 27-year-old stands in the face of nine goals this season and was happy to score without a goal this weekend. His team-mate Maurice Trapp, who is not well known as the center-back for Torgefahr, jumped in the breach and scored a brace. In addition, midfield engine Etienne Amendiyo was included in the scoresheet. With Dercho, Agu, Riemann, Girth still fall some players due to injury, but coach Thioune has again significantly more options. In the Fortuna from Cologne Osnabrück wants to confirm the odds for a tip on the guest victory and meet the role of favorites. If the slight outward weakness would be overcome with that, nothing would stand in the way of a promotion to league 2.

Expected formation of Osnabrück:
Körber – Farrona-Pulido, Trapp, Engel, Ajdini – Taffertshofer, Amenyido, Blacha – Heider, Pfeiffer, Alvarez

Last matches from Osnabruck:

⚽ 09.03.2019 – Osnabrück vs. Zwickau 3: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 02.03.2019 – Karlsruhe vs. Osnabrück 2: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 23.02.2019 – Osnabrück vs. Hall 2: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 16.02.2019 – Münster vs. Osnabrück 0: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 08.02.2019 – Osnabrück vs. Sonnenhof Großaspach 0: 2 (3rd league)

Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Fortuna Cologne and VfL Osnabrück have already fought 50 times, which is of course beneficial for a prediction. The database spits out a total of 23 successes of the Cologne and 17 victories of VfL. The points were shared by the clubs ten times. Not only the overall comparison, also the last years speak for the hosts. Until this season, Osnabrück’s last success was five years back and Fortuna has since won five out of seven games (two draws). Why this is nevertheless no indication that between Fortuna Cologne and Osnabrück a tip should be made on the odds of Domstädter, is the most recent duel from the first round of the current season. On the ninth day of the game VfL could keep the three points at home on the Bremen bridge. In an intense and sometimes over-hard game (eight yellow cards) it was Marc Heider, who marked the golden winner in the 49th minute.

Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück Betting Predictions Explained

Between Fortuna Cologne and Osnabrück, the prediction for the game goes clearly in the direction of the guests. The slight away weakness of Daniel Thioune’s team is the only reason that puts the bets on a front-runner’s triple into perspective. Now, however, instead of the statistics of VfL in foreign countries can just as argue that Fortuna Cologne won at home only one of seven games last. This compensates for this. It remains to be noted that the purple-white, as it was already seen in the first leg, playfully the better team and have to adjust to a hard pace of the hosts. The self-confident troupe of Daniel Thioune will take on the fight in the Südstadt and finally assert their quality on the court.

Key-Facts – Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück tips

Cologne won only one of the last seven home games
On the other hand, the front-runner in the stranger is also struggling with a threesome from seven games
After the successes on the weekend, both teams enter the game with confidence
The VfL won in the first leg at the Bremen bridge just 1: 0

After three games without defeat could give it for Thomasz Kaczmarek and his protected once again a small damper in the fight for the league. For the club of the Bremen bridge on the other hand, there is a huge opportunity to make the next big step towards league 2 with a threesome. When mating Fortuna Cologne vs. Osnabrück is the tip to recommend for the away win.

Betting Predictions: 2
Odds: 2.10