Wil vs Grasshopper Betting Odds and Predictions

Wil vs Grasshopper Betting Odds and Predictions

Are the grasshoppers passing Vaduz?

In the Swiss Challenge League, the full game schedule ends in July with the catch-up game between Will and the Grasshoppers from Zurich. It will be the seventh competitive game for both clubs this month. The GCZ game in Kriens recently showed that the short regeneration times are on the bone.

The Grasshoppers left important points in the away game against the table neighbors and thus had to relinquish second place in the table to FC Vaduz. On Monday evening, however, the record champion from Switzerland will again be able to pass the rival competitor and take the place of relegation.

The best bookmakers see in the match between Wil vs Grasshoppers expected the guests as favorites according to the odds. For an away win, odds of up to 1.67 are waving. Two game days before the end of the season, a further loss of points for the GCZ would hardly be bearable. Accordingly, the Grasshoppers are under pressure on Monday evening.

Wil – Statistics & current form

FC Wil ranks in the no man’s land of the table. The black and white can finish the season as sixth in the table with no risk of relegation or promotion ambitions. Nevertheless, Wil should not be called a point supplier under these circumstances. After all, the team of head coach Ciriaco Sforza already faced FC Vaduz, currently in second place in the table.

IGP Arena as a fortress?

The black and white barely missed a point win in the 1-2 against Vaduz. It was only the fourth home bust this season. With a record of 8-4-4, the black and white can certainly be called a strong team at home. In the last four home games, there have been three home wins for the Sforza team, including the 2-0 win over the youngest GCZ opponent Kriens.

Finally, the strong offensive by FC Wil gave the guests from Aarau three goals. With a total of 53 goals, the black and white represent a very promising attack department. But the defensive lagged behind expectations with 53 goals conceded. How the black and white arm themselves against the GCZ’s ambitious offensive remains uncertain for the time being.

Wil coach Sforza will have no serious failures on Monday evening. In comparison to the youngest starting eleven, little or no changes are expected. For a home win of Wil against Grasshoppers, odds in the range of 4.00 are currently being offered. However, we do not recommend a prediction for this.

Probable lineup of Wil:
➤ Kostadinovic – Schäppi, blacksmith, Muntwiler, Padula – Ismaili, Abedini – Duah, Fazliu, Vonmoos – Silvio

Last games from Wil:

Challenge League
⚽️ 07/24 2020 FC Wil 1900 3 – 1 FC Aarau
⚽️ 07/21 2020 FC Winterthur 2 – 2 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 07/18 2020 FC Wil 1900 1 – 2 FC Vaduz
⚽️ 07/15 2020 FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy 1 – 2 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 07/07 2020 FC Schaffhausen 2-3 FC Wil 1900

Grasshoppers – Statistics & current form

The Grasshoppers have lost the lead over FC Vaduz and are now back in the chasing role. Two game days before the end of the season, the record champions from Zurich no longer have any scope for losing points. If the Grasshoppers win the catch-up game against FC Wil, the second place in the table is taken again with a two-point lead.

Weakness away?

Away from home, the Grasshoppers recently dropped two points in a row, including the most recent 4: 4 draw against their neighbors from Kriens – even though the GCZ has now taken a 3: 0 lead. The head coach Zoltan Kadar could not finish this result.

Nevertheless, the Grasshoppers are currently the best team since the Challenge League started again. In the ten games since mid-June, the GCZ has a record of 7-2-1. Three game days before the end of the season, the Grasshoppers still have the promotion in their own hands. If the last three games are won, the GCZ does not need any help for the relegation.

Kadar will have no new outages on Monday evening. The hospital remains unchanged with the currently injured six players.

Probable lineups of Grasshoppers:
➤ Salvi – Wittwer, Cvetkovic, Mesonero, Fehr – Buff, Scheidegger – Kalem, Ben Khalifa, Schneider – Ze Turbo

Last games from Grasshoppers:

Challenge League
⚽️ 07/24 2020 SC Kriens 4 – 4 Grasshopper Club
⚽️ 07/21 2020 Grasshopper Club 5 – 3 FC Schaffhausen
⚽️ 07/17 2020 FC Lausanne-Sport 1 – 0 Grasshopper Club
⚽️ 07/14 2020 Grasshopper Club 2 – 1 FC Chiasso
⚽️ 07/07 2020 Grasshopper Club 4 – 0 FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy

Wil vs Grasshoppers Direct comparison

The 17th meeting of the two clubs is scheduled for Monday evening. The Grasshoppers from Zurich lead the direct comparison against FC Wil with a record of 11-2-3. In total, the Grasshoppers have scored 40 goals in 16 previous matches, an average of 2.50 goals per game. In the three previous season duels between the two clubs, there have been three victories for the GCZ.

Wil vs Grasshoppers Statistics highlights

Latest matches Wil vs Grasshoppers

Challenge League
⚽️ 06/30 2020 Grasshopper Club 4 – 1 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 10/05 2019 Grasshopper Club 3 – 0 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 07/26 2019 FC Wil 1900 0 – 1 Grasshopper Club
Club friendlies
⚽️ 06/30 2018 Grasshopper Club 0 – 0 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 01/27 2018 FC Wil 1900 1 – 0 Grasshopper Club
⚽️ 10/10 2017 Grasshopper Club 2 – 0 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 06/22 2014 Grasshopper Club 4 – 1 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 01/26 2014 Grasshopper Club 3 – 1 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 01/09 2013 Grasshopper Club 4 – 1 FC Wil 1900
⚽️ 06/16 2012 Grasshopper Club 1 – 3 FC Wil 1900

Wil vs Grasshoppers Betting Odds comparison – Challenge League

🔺 Betting Prediction: Wil
🔻 Betting Odds: 3.75
🔺 Betting Prediction: Draw
🔻 Betting Odds: 4
🔺 Betting Prediction: Grasshoppers
🔻 Betting Odds: 1.66

Wil vs Grasshoppers Betting Odds and Predictions

The Grasshoppers can no longer afford to lose points in the hot season. Since the restart of the Challenge League, the GCZ has been in great shape and has posted a record of 7-2-1. It is now important to build on this in the last three games of the season. The direct ascent may no longer be possible, but the relegation will.

With an away win at FC Wil, the Grasshoppers overtake their rival from Vaduz. The black and white from Wil will have a say in this.

Key facts – Wil vs Grasshoppers tips

🔺 Grasshoppers have won all three games of the season against Wil.
🔺 The GCZ has been the strongest team in the league with a record of 7-2-1 since the restart.
🔺 The guests can take the relegation place with an away win at Wil.

After all, FC Wil is one of the strongest teams in the Challenge League. FC Vaduz already had considerable problems in the IGP Arena and was still happy with three points. In the match between Wil vs. Grasshoppers tend to tip over 3.5 goals.

Betting Prediction: Over 3.5 goals
Betting Odds: 1.8

Challenge League – Upcoming Matches

07/27 2020 FC Wil 1900 – Grasshopper Club
07/30 2020 FC Winterthur – SC Kriens
07/30 2020 FC Wil 1900 – FC Chiasso
07/30 2020 FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy – FC Lausanne-Sport
07/30 2020 FC Aarau – Grasshopper Club
07/30 2020 FC Vaduz – FC Schaffhausen
08/02 2020 FC Lausanne-Sport – FC Wil 1900
08/02 2020 Grasshopper Club – FC Winterthur
08/02 2020 FC Chiasso – FC Stade Lausanne-Ouchy
08/02 2020 FC Schaffhausen – FC Aarau