Fnatic vs forZe betting odds & predictions

Fnatic vs forZe betting odds & predictions ESL Pro League Europa – Esports

Sweden versus Russia

We are in Group B of the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe. In addition to Fnatic and forZe, the teams North, BIG, Complexity and NAVI are in this group. In the Fnatic duel against forZe, the current number 5 in the world meets number 24.

With odds of 1.30 for a win by Fnatic, the bookmakers have chosen a clear favorite. A strong forZe, which has already secured two victories, should not be underestimated. Against forZe, Fnatic may even offer the high betting odds for an outsider’s success.

Current table situation group B

The German team BIG in particular has been convincing so far. Thanks to the two victories on the first two match days, the favorite teams laid a really good foundation for potential progress. On the third day of Group B, however, the disappointment against Complexity Gaming followed, which is currently in last place. The Germans narrowly lost 14:16 on the third map.

Fnatic celebrated a 2-1 win over North. The duel NAVI against forZe went to HLTV # 1 in the end. Due to the two victories on the last two match days, Fnatic recently consolidated first place in Group B. Immediately behind are BIG and forZe. So far, none of the teams has been unbeaten. Everything is still open in Group B of the ESL Pro League.

Fnatic vs forZe betting odds & predictions

Fnatic – Statistics & current form

Fnatic was beaten 1: 2 against BIG on the first day. After a poor performance on Inferno, they showed their class on Overpass and Mirage. An exciting exchange of blows on the decisive map had the better end for BIG. The second game day went according to plan for Fnatic against Complexity. With strong appearances on Mirage and Dust2, they were able to decide both games for themselves.

On the third day of the game, it went with North against the current number 23 in the world and NAVI conqueror. The series started with a clear 16:12 for fnatic. On Vertigo they performed better and more creatively than Team North, who picked this map. On the second map overpass, North won 16: 9.

Above all, a very weak CT half of fnatic, on which they could only get three laps, was the reason for the defeat. A disappointing result for your own map pick. The decision game took place on Mirage, where fnatic was able to convince once again. After a 10: 5 break, fnatic left no doubt after losing the round of pistols and decided the map with 16: 8. If fnatic wins against forZe, odds are available for a tip of up to 1.34.

Fnatic vs forZe betting odds & predictions

ForZe – Statistics & current form

On the first two match days, forZe made a surprisingly good start with wins against North and Complexity. On matchday three they had to compete against NAVI, the current number 1, and almost managed to decide the game in their favor on Train. After a score of 5:13 NAVI made an incredible comeback and secured victory in overtime. On the third map Nuke flamie won the most important round of the series at 11:13.

An incredible Deagles headshot in an Eco round from NAVI gave them 12:13 and ultimately led to a 16:13 success. All in all, it was a strong and solid appearance by forZe, which had problems getting the maps across the finish line. They were particularly convincing with victories on the first two match days and the unfortunate loss to NAVI.

ForZe has been working together since 2018 and the core of the team has been loyal to the organization since 2017. At the end of 2019, they completed their team with Anatoliy “liTTle” Yashin, who is the new coach of the Russian lineup. In 2019, forZe secured some Lan successes. With victories at the Copenhagen Games, the CIS Minor Berlin and the DreamHack Open Winter, they showed their skills at some smaller events and felt their way to the top of the world. At the beginning of the year they fought their way up to twelfth place in the world rankings. An outsider bet would bring odds of up to 3.50.

Fnatic vs forZe Direct Comparison

The last duel between the two teams took place at the end of 2018. The lineups have changed a bit since then. At that time, Fnatic won 2-1. The Best of Three was played on Inferno, Overpass and Mirage. Between Fnatic and forZe we find betting odds for a prediction on the underdog of up to 3.35.

Fnatic vs forZe -Betting odds comparison

🎮 Betting Prediction: Fnatic
🕹️ Betting Odds: 1.28
🎮 Betting Prediction: ForZe
🕹️ Betting Ods: 3.50

Fnatic vs forZe Maps

Fnatic is currently the first to ban Nuke. With Dust2 and Mirage, they currently have two very strong maps on which they have had many successes over the past few weeks. Train and Vertigo are rarely used and on Inferno you have the lowest win rate at 57%.

ForZe avoids vertigo and overpass. The First Pick from forZe varies a lot, everything from Inferno and Mirage to Train was included in the last matches. It should be emphasized here that forZe prefers to play Train and won three of the last five games there.

Both teams currently have a victory rate of 100% on four matches played on Dust2. Both Mirage and Inferno are frequently used maps for both teams. Train would be easily imaginable as a pick from forZe, since this is certainly not a preferred map for fnatic. Duels on Mirage and Dust2 are also conceivable, depending on what forZe chose for their bans.

Fnatic vs forZe betting predictions & odds

Despite the strong appearances of forZe on the first match days, we decide in the duel Fnatic against forZe for the tip on the favorite from Sweden.

Fnatic vs forZe tips

🤖 Both teams were able to convince on the first match days.
🤖 Fnatic is in fifth place in the world rankings.
🤖 ForZe was also able to prove itself against NAVI in the endurance test.

Fnatic vs forZe Best odds – ESL Pro League Season

🎮 Betting Prediction: Fnatic
🕹️ Betting Odds: 1.34
🎮 Betting Prediction: forZe
🕹️ Betting Odds: 3.50