LCK Spring 2020 betting prediction, favorites & betting odds

LCK Spring 2020 betting prediction, favorites & betting odds. Will T1 remain the strongest team in South Korea in 2020?

The “League of Legends Champions Korea” – LCK for short – is the last of the top leagues in LoL Esport to start the new Spring 2020 season. As in the other leagues, a lot has happened on the transfer market in South Korea and almost all teams have at least a new face in the roster. Since 2019 at the latest, South Korea can no longer be regarded as the strongest region in the world, because fans have been waiting for an international title for over two years.

In 2019, not only did the Chinese LPL assert itself before the LCK, but the LEC was also more successful than the teams from South Korea. Only at the Rift Rivals tournament could the LCK triumph over the LPL, but the world championship title went to the Chinese again. Will the league host one or more teams in 2020 that bring back international success and who is one of the favorites in LCK Spring 2020? The odds point to Gen.G Esports.

LCK Spring 2020 Best odds

🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Gen.G Esports
👾 Odds: 3.25
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea DragonX
👾 Odds: 4.65
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea T1
👾 Odds: 5.25
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Damwon Gaming
👾 Odds: 7.25
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Sandbox Gaming
👾 Odds: 10.00
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Afreeca Freecs
👾 Odds: 11.00
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Hanwha Life
👾 Odds: 29.00

In 2019, the record champion SKT T1 (now T1) returned to the top. After the disastrous year 2018, the three-time world champion topped up his roster around superstar “Faker” and won both LCK titles. In both finals, T1 faced Griffin. Despite this dominance, T1 is not the top favorite for Spring 2020 according to betting odds, as other teams have strengthened well. A forecast on Gen.G is particularly high in the LCK Spring 2020, bets on the team around AD carry “Ruler” have the lowest odds. However, there is no crystal-clear favorite, which is why a prediction is not easy and an exciting competition can be expected in South Korea.

LCK Spring 2020 – Info & Review

As mentioned, T1 dominated the LCK last year. The two strongest team is the two-time vice champion Griffin. The big surprise was the strong years of Damwon and Sandbox. The two promoters reached the playoffs in both splits and Damwon Gaming even qualified for the Worlds 2019. At the MSI event, the representative of the LCK, T1, was defeated in the semifinals by the eventual winner G2 Esports in an exciting game series with 2-3.

At the Worlds in Europe everything should be better for the LCK, which did not even get a representative in the semi-finals last year. After the group phase, it looked like the glory days for the LCK were coming back, as all three South Korean teams (T1, Griffin, Damwon) came first in their groups. In the quarterfinals, the teams failed again due to the competition from China and Europe.

Once again, it was G2 Esports that initially eliminated Damwon from the competition. Griffin lost to defending champion Invictus Gaming in the quarter-finals. Only T1 reached the semi-finals, but in the re-match against G2, “Faker” and his team were once again lagging behind and therefore no South Korean team reached the World Final again.

LCK game mode

The LCK remains true to its league process including the playoffs in Spring 2020. In Europe and North America there are changes in the playoff system, but the LCK is sticking to the tried and tested mode.

So there is another double game round in Bo3 mode in the regular season, with the top five teams qualifying for the playoffs. First, fourth and fifth place in Bo3 mode. In the second round of playoff, the winner challenges the third-place finisher of the regular season. Since the mode for the rest of the playoffs changes to the “Best of Five”. The winner of the regular season is set for the final, the runner-up meets the winner of the second playoff round.

The result of the regular season remains extremely important in the LCK, because as a preliminary round winner a team is certain to participate in the final, whereas fifth place has to take a rocky path to the final and eliminate all opponents.

The championship points are also retained in the LCK. Depending on the placement in the two seasons, the team receives championship points, which determine who participates in the worlds. In addition to the summer champion, the team that achieved the best results over both seasons qualifies for the Worlds 2020. In the regional final, the last representative of the LCK is played out. Here too, the championship points serve to place the teams in the playoff tree.

LCK Spring 2020 info

A new team has made its way into the LCK, APK Prince. At the promotional tournament, the group held its own against both Hanwha Life and Jin Air, thereby qualifying for Spring 2020.

APK Prince Korea 🇰🇷

Line up:

👾 Top: Alphamong / ikssu 🇰🇷
👾 Jungle: Kuma / Flawless 🇰🇷
👾 Mid: Cover / None Korea 🇰🇷
👾 Bot: HyBriD Korea 🇰🇷
👾 Sup: Mia / Secret Korea 🇰🇷

At the Kespacup in December APK Prince could not convince and failed right at the start with a second division team. Therefore, the team strengthened again before the start of the season. Nevertheless, APK Prince has few well-known names in the roster and the climber is the great Spring 2020 outsider.

One or the other may be familiar with “ikssu”, who has been playing in the LCK for years but has not yet achieved great success. In the jungle, a strong jungler was brought from China with “Flawless”. The South Korean previously played for JD Gaming and even reached the Spring Final of the LPL last year. Otherwise, APK Prince has many newcomers who have yet to prove themselves in South Korea’s top division.

The team should not be written off from the start, however, because last year the two promoters surprised and reached the playoffs. At LCK Spring 2020, APK Prince’s betting odds are in last place at just 1.25 and therefore offer no value.

LCK Spring 2020 – an overview of the most important transfers:

👾 T1: Kkoma (coach), Khan & Clid leave T1, Cuzz & Roach joined – Kim (head coach) joined

👾 Gen.G Esports: joined Clid, Rascal & Bdd

👾 DragonX: Doran, Pyosik & Chovy joined

👾 Sandbox Gaming: Gorilla joined

👾 Afreeca Freecs: Fly, Ben & Mystic joined

👾 Griffin: Joined Ucal & Untara

👾 Hanwha Life Esports: joined CuVee, Haru & Lehends

👾 KT Rolster: Ray, Kuro & TuSin joined

LCK Spring 2020 transfers

A lot has happened during the winter break for the top teams of the LCK. The only exception is Damwon Gaming, which made no changes to the successful roster from 2019. Sandbox Gaming brought the experienced “Gorilla” back into the league, who has already won several LCK titles. This commitment is definitely a good step and an enrichment for the young team.

The return of many South Korean players from the LPL is particularly striking in this transfer period. KT Rolster strengthens with “Ray” and “Kuro”, who bring international experience, Afreeca brings “Mystic” back to South Korea. The AD carry played for China’s WE team for years and even won an LPL title.

The big losers of the off-season are the top teams of the previous year, both T1 and Griffin have had heavy losses from top players. The scandal surrounding “cvMax” caused negative headlines and split the successful Griffin line-up. So “Chovy” and “Doran” followed their former coach towards DragonX. With “Ucal” and “Untara” as new signings, this loss is not offset.

The defending champion and record champion T1 got even fatter. Not only did you lose the successful coach “Kkoma”, under whose leadership T1 won three world titles, but also important players. Toplaner “Khan” left T1 for China and joined reigning world champion Fun Plus Phoenix. In contrast, “Clid” is switching to the direct league competitor Gen.G and is therefore one of the biggest competitors of T1 in the LCK Spring 2020.

With the signing of Coach Kim, T1 has hired a certified star coach, but the loss of the two star players could not be made up. T1 tried unsuccessfully to sign Invictus Gaming’s start-up planner “TheShy”, but it did not succeed. “Roach” was brought up on the top lane, an experienced but not high-class player. The youth role is taken over by “Cuzz”, which delivered a strong performance in 2019.

On paper, Gen.G and DragonX in particular made very strong transfers, with Damwon and Sandbox probably also doing everything right. It remains to be seen whether T1 and Griffin will also be successful in Spring 2020, the odds of the two teams are correspondingly high.

LCK Spring 2020 favorites & betting odds

After looking at the transfers, it’s not too surprising that the two-time defending champion T1 isn’t the top favorite for the LCK Spring 2020. If you look at the line-ups, Gen.G is the strongest and therefore the big favorite at the LCK Spring 2020.

The bookmakers view DragonX as the second strongest team, and the team has also put together a strong roster. Defending champion T1 follows with slightly higher odds. Although the offseason was not a happy one, the record champions still have a strong team and should not be written off.

Insider favorites & outsiders of the spring season

Damwon and Sandbox Gaming are close to the double-digit range and have not made any major changes and, due to the previous year’s performance, are rightly one of the expanded favorites.

In the double-digit quota range, Afreeca Freecs should also be mentioned, which should not be underestimated. Already at the Kespacup in December the group convinced across the board and beat DragonX 3-0 in the semi-finals and sandbox in the finals. The return of “Spirit” to the line-up worked wonders and “Mystic” also had a dream start in the new team. Afreeca is therefore an interesting outsider tip for the regular season.

At LCK Spring 2020, Afreeca Freecs has very high betting odds, but the squad should be one of the extended favorites. Overall, the competition at the LCK will be very exciting this year because there are no crystal-clear favorites. Betting in advance on DragonX or Gen.G is not recommended as the two teams have not yet been reviewed and may not be convincing.

APK Prince, KT Rolster, Hanwha Life and Griffin can be written off as possible winners at Spring 2020. All other teams can be expected to win the title in LCK Spring 2020, making it difficult to make a prediction. However, the lack of a clear favorite also offers value since the betting odds are very high.

The best tip could be Damwon Gaming. A tip on Afreeca Freecs as the winner of the regular season is also appealing, since the team already convinced at the Kespa Cup and still has very high betting odds.

Betting on the defending champion T1 is not recommended, since the squad in LCK Spring 2020 is significantly weaker than in the previous year and the betting odds therefore do not represent any value.

LCK Spring 2020 betting predictions and odds

In any case, an exciting title fight can be expected from the LCK Spring 2020, as there are several teams at eye level and no clear favorites. DragonX and Gen.G are the strongest rosters on paper, but it remains to be seen whether the newly formed teams will work. At LCK Spring 2020 it is not worthwhile to choose one of the favorites in advance. The defending champion T1 is also weaker than last season and therefore has slightly higher odds than the two top favorites. The betting base sees a further title defense of the record champion T1 as unlikely.

Key facts – LCK Spring 2020

🕹 T1 is the two-time defending champion and record champion of the LCK
🕹 APK Prince are the newcomer and the new team in the LCK
🕹 The winner of the LCK Spring 2020 will represent the South Korea region at the MSI in May

Damwon Gaming is definitely interesting, the group convinced last year, was able to keep the top players and has high odds. At LCK Spring 2020, Damwon is definitely one of the favorites and the high odds are appealing. Afreeca Freecs should also not be underestimated after the convincing victory at the Kespacup. The new team clicked before the start of the season and could cause a sensation. The odds for a win in the regular season of Afreeca Freecs are clearly in the double digits and offer value.

With LCK Spring 2020, clear predictions are difficult in advance. If you already want to guess a winner, you should bet on the expanded circle of favorites, since none of the teams stands out as a top favorite. Can T1 celebrate the title defense again without “Kkoma” and two star players, or will “Clid” lead his new team Gen.G to the first LCK title?

LCK Spring 2020 – Best Betting Odds Overall Winner

🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea G Esports
👾 Odds: 3,25
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea DragonX
👾 Odds: 4,65
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea T1
👾 Odds: 5,25
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Damwon Gaming
👾 Odds: 7,25
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Sandbox Gaming
👾 Odds: 10,00
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Afreeca Freecs
👾 Odds: 11,00
🕹 Betting Prediction: 🇰🇷 Korea Hanwha Life
👾 Odds: 29,00