Brunswick vs Zwickau Betting Odds and Predictions

While the ball in the second division next Monday due to the Bundesliga match between Mainz 05 and Eintracht Frankfurt will rest, the match between Eintracht Braunschweig and the FSV Zwickau on the first weekday of the new month the usual end of the 17th matchday. For the Lower Saxony it is then about to draw on points with the second from Halle.

Brunswick vs Zwickau Betting Odds and Predictions

Between Braunschweig and Zwickau are currently offered the lower odds in favor of the Lions, who could decide in the current season, however, only three of eight games in front of home crowd.

The favorites role of the hosts is not entirely unfounded, however, as the bookmakers assume that the promotion candidate will retain all three points in the Eintracht stadium in the second game after the coaching change.

Last weekend, with Marco Antwerpen, a new coach made his debut with the former Bundesliga club. The ex-Münsteraner was installed as successor to Christian Flüthmann and leads his team right at the premiere to a 2-1 victory against Chemnitzer FC. After four previously winless home games in a row ended the BTSV so the ongoing negative series in front of their own fans.

Not least because of this, we would make the prediction on Monday between Braunschweig and Zwickau that a tip on the host again brings a very high probability of occurrence.

Brunswick vs Zwickau Betting Odds and PredictionsBrunswick – Statistics & Current Form

For many outsiders, the dismissal of Christian Flüthmann was just over two weeks ago a real bang. The 37-year-old had been installed as a new coach only before the start of the season and had after 15 match days at least made the touch of contact with the promotion places.

Nonetheless, rumors have it that rumors have been going on behind the scenes for a long time. The fact that the former Dortmund youth coach currently makes parallel his coaching license in England, may have aroused the responsible as angry as the critical voices within the team, which apparently denied the previous co-coach the necessary competence for the job.

In the course of the international break, the Braunschweiger finally separated from Christian Flüthmann and brought with Marco Antwerp a third-league experienced coach on the boat. The 48-year-old’s debut was on schedule last weekend. At home against Chemnitzer FC a 2-1 victory could be recorded, although at half time they were still 1-0 behind.

For the Lower Saxony, it was the first home win after four previous games before home, in which no victory could be retracted (two draws, two defeats) and the Blue-Yellow in the sum of only two goals achieved.

Despite the important success that has kept the Lions on the rise – currently three points behind second – the home record is three seasons, two draws and three defeats over the entire season (eleven-three) : 13 goals) definitely expandable.

Perhaps this is also the reason why in direct duel Braunschweig against Zwickau relatively high odds are offered to a home win, considering that the home side seek to return to the 2nd Bundesliga and after all six counters in the table and seven places before the coming enemy from the east of the republic.

We are convinced that the new coach will be able to exploit the undoubtedly existing potential of the current table fourth (as of Sunday morning) better than its predecessor.

The alliance with the already enthusiastic fans in Eintracht Stadium is also done and also the self-confidence has returned. Under these circumstances, the tip on BTSV between Braunschweig and Zwickau is blessed with plenty of value.

Of particular importance on Monday will be the staff Martin Kobylanski. The 25-year-old German poles had to expose struck during the week and could fall out.

His absence would be a significant weakening, as he is with six goals and five assists both the most effective scorer and the best assistant. Robin Ziegele has also caught a flu and is expected to fit as well.

Alfons Amade and Stephan Fürstner are missing due to injury. Steffen Nkansah and Benjamin Kessel have to watch because of barriers.

Expected formation of Braunschweig:
➤ Fejzic – Kijewski, Becker, Burmeister, Kammerbauer – Pfitzner, Nehrig, Kobylanski (Wiebe) – Ademi, Proschwitz, Bär
➤ Coach: Antwerp

Last matches from Braunschweig:

⚽️ 23.11.2019 – Braunschweig vs Chemnitz 2: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 11.11.2019 – Münster vs Brunswick 1: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 02.11.2019 – Braunschweig vs FC Ingolstadt 0: 3 (3rd league)
⚽️ 27.10.2019 – Sonnenhof Großaspach Vs. Brunswick 1: 3 (3rd league)
⚽️ 19.10.2019 – Braunschweig vs Unterhaching 0: 0 (3rd league)

Brunswick vs Zwickau Betting Odds and PredictionsZwickau – Statistics & Current Form

The FSV Zwickau was in for a hurry last weekend. The team of Joe Enochs had to last digest some setbacks, divorced among others in the Saxon Regional Cup against the league International Leipzig and also brought from the three previous league games only a meager point.

All the more important was the 4-2 home win against the completely unsettled Munster, who lose more and more the connection to the saving shore. With now 22 points, the FSV has established itself in the midfield of the classification, although the Red-Blue with only six points ahead of the first relegation place must remain concentrated.

Away, the previous year’s sweeper has so far recorded only two wins in eight attempts. Three matches ended in a draw, while the remaining three matches were lost. Particularly disappointing is the offensive on the road. Only nine goals scored mean one of the worst scores in league comparison.

What should still be stated, however, is the fact that the FSV especially against the top teams of the third highest German league offers good against. At the SpVgg Unterhaching and also in Halle, the Enoch men fought one point each.

Rene Lange, Sascha Härtel and Mike Könnecke have to pass due to injury. It’s quite possible that Joe Enochs will be back in the same starting line-up as last week’s 4-2 victory. In any case, Elias Huth, who scored twice against the Munsterers and heads the internal scoring list with seven goals this season, should be settled.

Expected formation of Zwickau:
➤ Brinkies – Miatke, Frick, Handke, Godinho – Reinhardt, Jensen, Viteritti, Schröter – Huth, König
➤ Coach: Enochs

Last matches from Zwickau:

⚽️ 23.11.2019 – Zwickau Vs. Münster 4: 2 (3rd league)
⚽️ 20.11.2019 – International Leipzig vs Zwickau 2: 1 (Reg. Cup Saxony)
⚽️ 16.11.2019 – Oberlausitz Neugersdorf vs Zwickau 1: 4 (Reg. Cup Saxony)
⚽️ 09.11.2019 – FC Ingolstadt vs Zwickau 4: 2 (3rd league)
⚽️ 01.11.2019 – Zwickau Vs. Sonnenhof Großaspach 0: 1 (3rd league)

Brunswick vs Zwickau Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Last season, the two teams faced each other for the first time on competitive level. The first leg on Matchday 3 in Braunschweig ended in a 1-1 draw.

In the second leg in Saxony, the lions from Lower Saxony were able to prevail with 1: 0. Also on Monday can be assumed to be a narrow box, which is why the Braunschweig vs. Zwickau odds could be envisaged on under 2.5 goals.

Braunschweig vs Zwickau Betting Odds and Predictions

On Monday evening in the 3rd league of the 17th matchday with the encounter Braunschweig vs Zwickau completed. According to the betting odds, the hosts have the advantages on their side.

With this assessment of the bookmakers we go completely compliant, since we attest the lion more quality. The BTSV is also six points in the table and seven places ahead of the FSV.

In addition, the lions play in front of home crowd, which should finally have a positive impact after the change of coach from Flüthmann to Antwerp. At the debut of the new coach last weekend, the yellow-blue could win in any case after four previously winless home games back in Eintracht Stadium.

Brunswick vs Zwickau Betting Odds Comparison – 3rd League

🔺 Betting Prediction: Braunschweig
🔺 Betting Odds: 2.05
🔺 Betting Prediction: Draw
🔺 Betting Odds: 3.60
🔺 Betting Prediction: Zwickau
🔺 Betting Odds: 3.75

Key Facts – Brunswick vs Zwickau tips

🔻 Braunschweig won the debut of new coach Antwerp in the previous week 2-1
🔻 Zwickau has scored nine goals in foreign countries so far
🔻 Six points and seven places separate the two teams currently

In general, we expect Table Four to be stronger in week two after the swap at the bank. For the first time, Antwerp had a whole week to prepare its team for the upcoming task and will certainly have turned one or two right screws. Apart from that, the guests from Saxony are not in very good shape, although in the previous week Münster defeated 4: 2.

The bottom line speaks in our eyes pretty much that will pay off between Braunschweig and Zwickau, the odds for the tip on a home win.

🔺 Competition: 3rd league
🔺 Date: 02.12.2019
🔺 Betting Prediction: Brunswick (1)
🔺 Betting Odds: 2.05
🔺 Stake: 7/10 units