Brasil de Pelotas RS vs Juventude RS Betting prediction

Brasil de Pelotas RS vs Juventude RS Betting Prediction

To start with the analysis, it is important to remember that the team of Grêmio Esportivo Brazil is living a season full of concerns that prior to this game is much larger, since it is positioned in the penultimate place of the general table of the Série B with just 13 points and a difference of goals of -5, so this situation must press them enough to try to add something in each of the games that have the opportunity to play at home. As for the EC Juventude, is a team that has remained at a low level, which also has them concerned about issues of descent after 14 days in which they have added 16 points and in this game against Grêmio Esportivo, they need to add to go releasing some of the pressure.

As for the performance of the last 10 games played by these two teams we have percentages of 6.00% and 16.50% respectively, being relatively distant percentages, for two teams that have had a season of such a low level, so the local team should try to improve, however, EC Juventude will want to ensure a more relaxed second half of the season to ensure their stay in this division.

Once my statistical analysis of this match was made, I managed to obtain that the trend that these teams have been showing throughout the season indicates that the most likely result to happen is a victory of EC Juventude, since it has been one more team solid and that owns, compared to the local one a much more effective defense and before the necessity of Grêmio to add, it will have spaces to be able to finish with the party. In addition, in the trend shown by clashes between similar teams, the visitor victory is the result of greater value.

Prediction Today: EC Juventude (2), 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 3.55