Even though it has meanwhile been modernized several times and no longer has the capacity of 200,000 spectators, as it did when it was completed in 1950, it is something special for many to once run aground in the venerable Maracana. For the players of Fluminense Football Club, this is something commonplace, because the Maracana is the venue of the Rio de Janeiro based club. Reason for joy was there for players, responsible persons and fans last but rarely. After the last championship in 2012 Fluminense finished in the following and at the same time last six years only one season in a single-digit place.

Fluminense vs Ceara Football Betting Prediction

Even at the early part of the current season, it looks like the four-time Brazilian champions will disappear in the sinking. Opponent on Tuesday Ceara, who only two years ago made the promotion to Serie A and in the last season just like Fluminense secured just before the end of the class. Also, the start of the guests in the new season was mixed, but at least slightly better than the opponent. And even if the bookmakers see it that way: In the game between Fluminense and Ceara, the prediction is not necessarily a tip for home win.

Fluminense vs Ceara Betting PredictionsFluminense – Statistics & Current Form

Championship in 2012 and then subsequently the places 15, 6, 13, 13, 14 and 12. With the exception of the season in 2014 Fluminense has always been a candidate for relegation in recent years. In the last season there were four teams between Fluminense and the first relegation place, but only three points. So Fluminense secured the class only by a 1-0 win on the final day.

Fluminense has lost five of their nine league titles this season, more than half of the league games. For four games, the club from Rio de Janeiro without a win, but could finally get two draws after two bankruptcies in series. Taking on the Copa Sudamericana and Copa do Brasil games, Fluminense has been waiting for victory for six competitive games – four.

Fluminense lost their first two league games this season in Maracana at home before scoring four points in the ensuing two. Nevertheless, Fluminense is currently the second weakest home team in Serie A. A look at the goal difference is especially worthwhile at Fluminense. With 16 goals, the club has the most of all 20 teams. But even Fluminense has met 13 times in nine league games. The curious thing: while in five away games from Fluminense already 22 goals fell, there were in the four home games only seven – home goal 4: 3. All four home goals scored Fluminense in a 4-1 win over Cruzeiro. In other words, in three of the four home games the club did not score their own goal.

Nevertheless, there are on average the most goals scored in the games involving Fluminense. When the club from Rio de Janeiro was on the pitch, then fell on average 3.2 goals. The second best value of the league is shared by three clubs with an average of only 2.8 goals per game. But: In the home games of Fluminense fell again only 1.8 goals on average, which is why you can not be blinded by the high number of goals currently at least when Fluminense starts at home. And that’s why in the game between Fluminense and Ceara the odds for the tip on just two goals are pretty neat.

Expected formation of Fluminense:

➤ Agenor; Juliao, Nino, Yuri, Oliveira Silva; Ganso, Danielzinho Simoes, Frazan; Brenner, Rodriguez Ledesma, Costa do Nascimento

Last matches of Fluminense:

⚽️ 14.06.2019 – Chapecoense vs. Fluminense 1: 1 (Series A)
⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Fluminense Vs. Flamengo Rio de Janeiro 0: 0 (Serie A)
⚽️ 06.06.2019 – Cruzeiro Vs. Fluminense 2: 2 (Copa do Brasil)
⚽️ 02.06.2019 – Atlético Paranaense vs. Fluminense 3: 0 (Serie A)
⚽️ 30.05.2019 – Atlético Nacional vs. Fluminense 1: 0 (Copa Sudamericana)

Fluminense vs Ceara Betting PredictionsCeara – Statistics & Current Form

The Ceara Sporting Club is only marginally better in the new season started as the upcoming opponent. Ceara has been beaten five times, but has won a game more than Fluminense and is ranked 13th with a total of ten points. Two of the last three Serie A games have been lost to Ceara and not even their own in these three games shot. Away, there was only one narrow victory at tail light Avai, the other three away games were all lost. With nine goals conceded in nine league games Ceara conceded on average exactly one per game. This continues the statistics from last season, in which Ceara had to concede 38 goals in all 38 games in Serie A.

Even the climber of 2017 was able to net ten times this season. With an average of 2.1 goals per game in which Ceara participates, the club stands in league comparison in the last third of this statistic. In the last few games, Ceara lacked precision. In the last three Serie A games, Ceara did not manage to score a single goal, although the club had a total of 43 (!) Chances in these games. Striking in the previous games with the participation of Ceara was that they were all but the 4-0 success on Matchday 1 all in short supply. Seven of the previous nine league games ended with a goal difference for Ceara or the opponent, the eighth ended scoreless. Thus, in the game of Ceara at Fluminense the odds on a handicap should be eliminated, unless there are bets in favor of the guest, but then bring not too good odds more.

Due to the so far moderate yield in the games on the opponent’s place Ceara would certainly be satisfied with a draw in the Maracana. The relegation is the primary goal again this season. If Ceara lose at Fluminense, then it could go down to the third to last place in the worst case. Last season, Ceara remained undefeated in both comparisons with Fluminense. This should give the alleged underdog courage, which is traded as a clear outsider in the betting operators. In Fluminense’s game against Ceara, the odds for a away-to-home win are up to three times higher than betting odds for the hosts.

Expected formation of Ceara:

➤ Silva; Xavier, de Jesus Santos, Otavio, Cardoso; Carvalho, Fabinho, Ricardinho, Fernando Sobral; Romario, Galhardo

Last Games by Ceara:

⚽️ 14.06.2019 – Vasco da Gama Vs. Ceará 1: 0 (Serie A)
⚽️ 09.06.2019 – Ceará Vs. Bahia 0: 0 (Serie A)
⚽️ 02.06.2019 – Ceará Vs. Santos 0: 1 (Serie A)
⚽️ 28.05.2019 – Avai Vs. Ceará 1: 2 (Serie A)
⚽️ 20.05.2019 – Ceará vs. Gremio Porto Alegre 2: 1 (Serie A)

Fluminense vs Ceara Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Although Fluminense is the oldest club in Rio de Janeiro and was founded in 1902 and Ceara has already 105 years under its belt, the statistics show only six direct duels between these two teams. In these six games since 2010, Fluminense prevailed three times and Ceara twice. Last season, Ceara were not only undefeated in the 1-0 home win and goalless draw in Rio de Janeiro, but also without conceding.

Fluminense vs Ceara Football Betting Prediction Explained

Only due to the better goal difference against Chapecoense and Cruzeiro Fluminense is currently not on a relegation zone. Although it is still early in the season, but first tendencies are already starting to look and expect this year a fight by Fluminense against relegation. There would be three points in the home game against Ceara guttun. But the guest is currently at eye level.

Key Facts – Fluminense vs Ceara Tips

🔻 Fluminense conceded with 16 conceded goals so far most of all 20 teams
🔻 Ceara has scored 43 chances in the last three games, but failed to hit
🔻 Ceara won 1-0 at home last season and drew 0-0 at Fluminense

In the game of Ceara at Fluminense is a tip on the Double Chance X / 2 is not completely outlandish. In three of four home games Fluminense not only did not win, but also did not score. In the end, it’s a game that can go in all directions. If Ceara continues to work as it did in recent games, the team will also come up with chances in Rio de Janeiro. That’s why in Fluminense’s game against Ceara I recommend the prediction for the score to be at least one goal for good odds.

Betting Prediction: Ceara over 0.5 goals
Odds: 1.72