World Cup Prediction Australia - Peru

Australia – Peru World Cup Prediction

World Cup: Group C – Game 3

Peru is eliminated and will want to go at least adding a point after so long without participating in a World Cup, being eliminated in the second game, played well only “missing the most important” goal … it is strange because it came with a solid defense and in both games received annotation.

Australia at least scored a goal by way of a penalty, played well in certain lapses to France and against Denmark rescued the tie, needs to win by a couple of goals to secure, apart Denmark lose against France … could happen, but I do not see the kangaroos winning the Incas more for their style of play and arrive with thirst for victory for being in debt to their fans in not giving a good role, hoping that they advance to the next round by the incorporation of Guerrero.

For the shown should take the win, although they have fallen some surprises as yesterday in Group B will protect the tip.

Prediction of the Day: Peru 0, Asian handicap
Odds: 1.95