Championship Wigan vs Hull City

Championship Prediction Wigan vs Hull City

After another defeat away from home, Wigan receives Hull that comes from victory trying to rehabilitate itself in the competition and to re-approximate of the first placed.

The game tends to be very disputed, with the teams avoiding to risk too much to not suffer a new defeat, especially the visitors who are closer to the last ones.

Wigan: Newly promoted to the second division, Wigan has been trying to adjust to the competition and it may be that at this first moment the main thing is not to return to League One right away.

The team still has not shown regularity, it does great but when it is at home can not win, staying there in the middle of the table.

The championship is over, so the more points you earn, especially at home, the better it will be at the end, where the team can choose whether to fight not to fall or who knows for an access to PL.

Its main star is striker Will Grigg, who ended up bitter on the bench in the last game where the team was defeated. The midfield and high balls in the area are also the strength of the team.

HULL CITY: After scrimmaging last season, where the team almost fell for League One, Hull once again starts badly, with ups and downs and already eliminations in the Cups.

It is necessary the arrival of reinforcements, mainly for the defensive system so that it does not pass troubles with the course of the competition.

The team comes from home win, but needs to maintain the good level if they want one more, valuing their defense and being effective in attack.

The tendency is to close and expect an opponent error to leave the game in search of the goal.

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The championship has barely begun, so it is difficult to predict the future of the teams so far, especially Wigan, who has just returned and still does not know if he tries to hold back in the competition or aim for something bigger.

The teams up here have not turned out to be regular, not repeating good results outside and at home, so it is a game that can happen, any result would not be surprising.

However, both will avoid risking too much, which is more the case of Hull, who comes from victory and welcomes a possible draw. Given this, I see a game played but resulting in few goals, so I went under.

Prediction of the Day: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.65