Wales - Uruguay Betting Prediction

Wales – Uruguay Soccer Prediction for Today

China Cup: Final

Wales had a field day to face the home team, from very early on he went ahead on the scoreboard giving all the facilities to Bale and company … he dispatched with a hat trick, the minimum he can look for to return to his country would be Win the title for not qualifying to the World Cup, after having a very competitive squad and the best player in its history.

Uruguay has always been a strong rival and has 2 forwards that are unleashed in their clubs Suarez and Cavani that made a great goal … they were superior, although the Czechs deserved a goal for having 2 clear plays.

Both teams have maintained a base long ago, however the Uruguayans is a more complete rival with a very good defensive saga, I think they will take the title, they finished second in their difficult eliminatory.

Prediction Today: Uruguay -0.25, Asian handicap
Odds: 1.68