VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Betting Odds and Predictions

Mario and the video evidence. What at first glance looks like the name of a children’s book, has made headlines in the second league this past week. The former international Mario Gomez scored three goals in the away game in Sandhausen, but in all three cases were denied by the video referee due to offside positions.

VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Betting Odds and Predictions

VfB Stuttgart lost the South derby 1: 2 and thus conceded the fifth defeat from the last seven second division games. The criticism of coach Tim Walter is growing daily. According to rumors, those responsible should have already threatened their coach with consequences, should the buck in the near future not be overturned.
Against this backdrop, it is somewhat surprising that the bookmakers before the game VfB Stuttgart against Nuremberg on Monday evening such low odds on a success of the Swabians proclaim.

The one-sided distribution is justified on the one hand by the fact that the current fourth is allowed to compete in front of a home crowd and on the other hand because of the weak form of the opponent.

Before the duel of the two Bundesliga relegated the situation on Valznerweiher is even more critical. After the results of the weekend, the club has slipped to the relegation place in the direction of the third division.

The last victory was in September. Nevertheless, we venture between VfB Stuttgart and Nurenberg, the prediction that a tip on the outsider brings more value than a potential bet on the battered career aspirants.

VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Betting Odds and PredictionsVfB Stuttgart – Statistics & Current Form

At VfB Stuttgart there is a lot of hot talk these days. Why is it that the second-league high-quality squad is currently lagging behind the expectations? Why do not the high possession shares result in more goals being scored? And above all, is Tim Walter the right man on the bridge?

The final question is currently in the center, because reportedly those in charge should no longer be sure that the former junior coach of Bayern Munich can steer the event in order.

Last year’s Kiel is accused of arrogance and incorruptibility from internal circles. Two attributes that do not necessarily make it easier for a team to win over.

In fact, it hailed harsh criticism lately. Sporting director Sven Mislintat criticized the lack of efficiency in front of the opponent’s goal and the many individual mistakes that led to some light goals. At the same time, the ex-chief scout of Liverpool FC and Borussia Dortmund with his statement that “every time bad luck and lack of quality” meant, to think.

Even worse than the criticism from the management level, however, are the increasingly occurring doubters from the cabin that leak, that the relationship between team and coaching staff is at least cracked.

“There are different views on the game in terms of dominance. Not only can we always talk about having a lot of the ball, but we also have to get the results we need. “

Purely athletic that is also quite understandable, because after five defeats from the last seven second division games, the VfB professionals have lost a bit of confidence in Walter’s concept.

Due to these circumstances and the on Monday in every way existing pressure to win necessarily, we would definitely refrain between a forecast or a tip on the home side between VfB Stuttgart and Nuremberg.

This does not change the fact that the recent two home games against Dresden (3: 1) and Karlsruhe (3: 0) were made victorious. Previously, it was at home defeats against Wehen-Wiesbaden (1: 2) and Holstein Kiel (0: 1).

To make matters worse, that Tim Walter has to fight especially in the central defense with personnel problems. The regular starters Kaminski and Kempf are still missing injured and are represented by the Liverpool loan Phillips and by Holger Badstuber.

Speed ​​disadvantages are therefore not to be dismissed out of hand and certainly one of the reasons why the Swabians are severely against deeply defensive and fast-counterattacking opponents.

As the Nurembergers on Monday will try their luck with switching situations, should be required for the slipped in fourth position Stuttgarter caution. In addition to Kaminski and Kempf missing Mack, Kalajdzic and Grözinger.

Expected formation of VfB Stuttgart:
➤ Kobel – P. Stenzel, Phillips, Badstuber, Sosa – Endo – Ascacibar, Castro – P. Förster, Didavi – Gomez

Last matches of VfB Stuttgart:

⚽️ 01.12.2019 – SV Sandhausen Vs. VfB Stuttgart 2: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 24.11.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs. Karlsruhe 3: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 15.11.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs Grasshoppers 4: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 09.11.2019 – Osnabrück vs VfB Stuttgart 1: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 03.11.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs Dresden 3: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)

VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Betting Odds and PredictionsNurenberg – Statistics & Current Form

The problems that VfB Stuttgart currently has would probably be welcome at the club in Nuremberg. The long-standing first division ranked in the table of the second league namely currently in the third to last place and must, as of now, even really fear to disappear completely from the scene of the best 36 professional clubs in the Federal Republic.

Admittedly, not even half of all games are completed, but even a change of coach has not yet shown the desired effect. Jens Keller has been the successor of Damir Canadi for two encounters since the end of Valznerweiher.

With the 0: 0 in his debut in the Franken Derby at SpVgg Greuther Fürth could be satisfied, but the embarrassing 0: 2 defeat last weekend against tail SV Wehen-Wiesbaden not only caused a new low to date disappointing season, but also for a big thunderstorm of their own fans.

Led by the new coach, the Nurembergers faced their own attachments and had to put in angry words. Not infrequently, however, such a cleansing thunderstorm has ensured a turnaround. The same we expect in the case of the Bundesliga scoop, which is of course qualitatively stronger than the table space says.

In general, we currently assume that the franc plays better abroad than at home. This can be justified on the one hand with the lower pressure of fan side, on the other hand however likewise in the fact that in the “descent fight” the own play in the coming weeks probably will be oriented more on the defensive work.

There it definitely applies, because 29 goals are one of the most vulnerable defenses of the entire lower house. It is interesting to see that most of the goals were collected at home (16).

The offense is also far more dangerous on opponent squares (14 hits) than at home (seven). Ninth in the away table with more points in fewer games than in front of their own fans (rank 17) complete the mentioned overall picture.

Apart from the factors already mentioned, such as the self-confidence or the mood within the team, there is also a statistical justification to take a closer look at the odds for the away win between VfB Stuttgart and Nuremberg. We consider a surprise to be by no means impossible.

The situation in the goal has not calmed down in the 1. FCN. With Patric Klandt, Andreas Lukse and regular keeper Christian Mathenia three goalies are injured. Felix Dornebusch will stand once more between the posts. Sorg, Margreitter and Misidjan must also fit. Changes compared to the 0: 2 against Wiesbaden are to be expected.

Expected formation of Nurenberg:
➤ Dornebusch – Valentini, Mühl, Sörensen, Handwerker – Jäger, Geis – Hack, Behrens, Kerk – Frey

Last matches of Nurenberg:

⚽️ 30.11.2019 – Nuremberg vs. Wiesbaden 0: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 24.11.2019 – Fürth Vs. Nuremberg 0: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 10.11.2019 – Nuremberg vs. Bielefeld 1: 5 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 04.11.2019 – Bochum Vs. Nuremberg 3: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 30.10.2019 – Kaiserslautern Vs. Nuremberg 2: 2 (DFB Cup)

VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Last season there was the duel still in the Bundesliga. At home, Stuttgart had to settle for a 1-1 win. The game in Nuremberg won the Swabians, however, 2-0. The latest two matches in the 2nd Bundesliga date from the season 2016/17. At that time, the car drivers retained the upper hand both in the away and in the second leg.

In general, the VfB won the last four second division matches against the club and always scored at least three goals. But these historical facts for the match on Monday are not really relevant.

Even the matches of the previous year took place under different circumstances and especially with mostly other staff. Between VfB Stuttgart and Nuremberg, the prediction is therefore only conditionally dependent on direct comparison.

VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Betting Odds and Predictions

On paper, the encounter VfB Stuttgart against the 1. FC Nuremberg reads like a real top game in the 2nd Bundesliga. The two teams are currently far from being top. The Swabians lost five of their last seven league games and dropped back to fourth place. The mood in the Mercedes city is tense and coach Tim Walter is increasingly criticized.

The demanded him dominantly ball possession football works well with smears, but it lacks the VfB goals. At the same time, the offensive approach has a negative effect on your own defense. Also due to the injured regulars in central defense played the relegated in the last seven games only once to zero.

VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg Betting Odds Comparison – 2nd Bundesliga

🔺 Betting Prediction: VfB Stuttgart
🔺 Betting Odds: 1.62
🔺 Betting Prediction: Draw
🔺 Betting Odds: 4.33
🔺 Betting Predictions: Nurenberg
🔺 Betting Odds: 5.50

Key facts – VfB Stuttgart vs Nurnberg tips

🔻 The VfB lost five of the last seven second division games
🔻 Nurenberg is much stronger abroad than at home
🔻 The Stuttgart won the last two home games

Maybe with 1. FC Nurenberg now the right opponent, because the team of Jens Keller has not won since the end of September in the 2nd League and is currently ranked on the relegation relegation place.

The new coach has not been able to bring about the desired turnaround, which impressively underlines the 0-2 defeat at home against Wiesbaden the week before. From the point of view of the Franks, however, it is an advantage that they are allowed to get away on Monday.

The club scored more goals, scored fewer goals and scored more points in fewer games than at home. We are therefore trying our luck between VfB Stuttgart and Nuremberg with a tip for lucrative odds on the away win.

🔺 Competition: 2nd Bundesliga
🔺 Date: 09.12.2019
🔺 Betting Prediction: Nurenberg (2)
🔺 Betting Odds: 5.50
🔺 Stake: 3/10 units