Unterhaching vs Cottbus Betting Tips

During the week, all football fans in Germany look forward to the international match against Serbia. Sporty this test match is not the greatest importance, but after the ejection of Thomas Müller, Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels all eagerly await the first appearance of the team of the future. Which face shows the DFB-Elf? How do the newbies beat themselves? What does the coach say after the game on the demands of journalists? The pressure on the world champion coach has risen by the unconventional decision in any case. In the shadow of the international match against Serbia will take place on Wednesday also in club football still a game in the professional field. In league 3 is the catch-up game of Spielvereinigung Unterhaching against Energie Cottbus, in which a prediction is to be made in this article.

Unterhaching vs Cottbus Today’s Betting Tips and Predictions

After the defeats at the weekend, both clubs want to make the turn and enter important points. Especially for the guests from Lusatia counts in the relegation battle every counter. The hosts from Upper Bavaria, on the other hand, are heading for a place in the secured middle of the table and it remains to be seen whether the charges of Claus Schromm can still uphold the tension in the remaining season. The bookmakers trust the home side of this in any case, after all, the odds for a tip on the home win between Unterhaching and Cottbus are significantly lower than on the part of the guests. On Wednesday evening at 19:00 clock in the Alpenbauer sports park will show whether this assessment is justified or not.

Unterhaching – Statistics & Current Form

For a long time, it looked as if Spielvereinigung Unterhaching could have a say in the promotion ranks. But a weak phase of the team after the winter break has stifled any dreams quickly in the bud. Now, early on, the focus can be put on the upcoming season, as not much will happen up and down. The danger is always present in such a situation that the players lose some of their tension. The latest results also allow for this assumption. Only one point from three games and not one goal scored is a very meager one. Especially the really strong offensive weakened significantly. With 45 goals Unterhaching has still scored the most hits after the top teams Karlsruhe and Wehen Wiesbaden. It is all the more surprising that the engine is currently stuttering.

With Stephan Hain, Sascha Bigalke and Stefan Schimmer, all the important players are actually on board and there are no personal excuses. Nevertheless, coach Claus Schromm can not rely on the entire squad on Wednesday. With Luca Marseiler, Josef Welzmüller, Jim-Patrick Müller and Dominik Stahl missing four strong points in the team. This, coupled with the possibly somewhat decreasing tension among the actors, is one of the main reasons for the current misery. With eight points ahead of the relegation zone, nothing should burn – at least if the match team gets a little bit together and still collects one or the other counter. On Wednesday, Unterhaching vs Cottbus, this prediction is allowed at the odds of bookmakers, a good chance to fill the points account further.

Expected formation of Unterhaching:
Königshofer – Schwabl, Endres, GReger, Winkler – Hufnagel, Dombrowka, Biglake, Krauss – Hain, Schimmer

Last matches of Unterhaching:

⚽ 16.03.2019 – Unterhaching Vs. Sonnenhof Großaspach 0: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 12.03.2019 – 1860 Munich vs. Unterhaching 1: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 09.03.2019 – Unterhaching Vs. SV Meppen 0: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 04.03.2019 – Würzburger Kickers Vs. Unterhaching 0: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 27.02.2019 – Aalen vs. Unterhaching 4: 1 (3rd league)

Cottbus – Statistics & Current Form

It would be a big point in the relegation battle for Energie Cottbus, if the Lausitzer would get a threesome in Wednesday in the catch-up game in Upper Bavaria. This could jump energy over the international break away on a non-relegation rank. The tendency showed last in the absolutely right direction. A draw against Grossaspach followed a threesome at home to Münster (3: 0) and the important away win in Halle (3: 2). The short-term run, however, was stopped at the weekend. Despite again courageous performance Cottbus was defeated at home in the stadium of friendship to second in the table from Karlsruhe with 0: 2. As much as the Lusatian game was characterized by control and ball security, the problems in the offensive game were also clear. In front of the goal, the home team literally ran out of air and the Wollitz protected were really rare. After the game, the emotional coach also had a dialogue with the referee, about which he later echauffierte.

These side-effects do not help energy in the current phase. It is important to focus on the sporting events and your own performance. If the guests manage to build on the performances of the past few weeks and to act purposefully in Halle as well as in front of the goal, then in the suburbs of the Bavarian state capital a point win is possible in any case. In terms of personnel, Pele Wollitz, like his colleague on the other side, has some problems. With Scheidhauer, Zimmer, Zickert, Stanese, Kruse, Graudenz, Geisler and Krechtel missing a whole series of players due to injury. However, this is nothing new compared to the last few weeks, which is why the guests know how to deal with this situation. In Unterhaching Cottbus wants a tip on the away win to be successful and at least combative as always put everything in the balance to offer the playfully superior hosts to stand up.

Expected formation of Cottbus:
Rauhut – Weidlich, Matuwila, Müller, Schlüter – Marcelo Freitas, Gjasula, Bohl, Viteritti – Rangelov, Mamba

Last matches from Cottbus:

⚽ 17.03.2019 – Cottbus Vs. Karlsruhe 0: 2 (3rd league)
⚽ 13.03.2019 – Halle vs. Cottbus 2: 3 (3rd league)
⚽ 09.03.2019 – Cottbus Vs. Münster 3: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 02.03.2019 – Sonnenhof Großaspach Vs. Cottbus 0: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 23.02.2019 – Cottbus Vs. 1860 Munich 1: 2 (3rd league)

Unterhaching vs. Cottbus Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

In mating Unterhaching Vs. Cottbus does not make a prediction based on the direct comparison. Although the Lusatians lead with 7: 4 victories, but many of the encounters are long back. The only recent game is the first leg of the current season, which ended in the stadium of friendship with 2: 2 without a winner. Luca Marseiler and Stephan Hain brought the guests from Upper Bavaria on the road to victory and as Unterhaching already looked like the safe winner, Cottbus struck late again. Center-back Marc Stein scored in the 88th and in the 90th minute to equalize for the Lausitz. Curiously, in the short time between the two hits, the yellow-red card for Tim Kruse was in between. In this emotional encounter, the division of points in the end was fair.

Unterhaching vs Cottbus Betting Tips and Predictions

At the game Energie Cottbus Vs. SpVgg Unterhaching is a tip to recommend the draw from several points of view. Both teams could live with a point division, which is why the risk against the game will be limited, should it draw. The guests would gratefully accept the point in the relegation battle away and also the home side would keep the lead down to the competition down so reassuringly large and thus at least to some extent stop the negative run. The 2-2 from the first leg is a very good example of how the two teams are to be assessed. Unterhaching is compared to Cottbus, as the odds of the bookmakers yes, playfully superior. In addition, the protected of Claus Schromm have the home right on Wednesday evening. However, Energy Cottbus puts full fighting power and willpower against it. With these virtues, they have fought one point behind in the first leg and in the second leg, they can also do it again.

Key Facts – Unterhaching vs Cottbus tips

Unterhaching has been goal-and win-free for three games
Both coaches have some staffing concerns
The first leg in Lusatia ended with a 2-2 draw

In the match, the danger is that the table situation, the players lack the excitement and motivation to get the last few percent out of itself. The three games in which the Upper Bavarians did not have their own goals are a clear indication of this. The guests from Lusatia want to use this to their advantage and land a big point in the fight for the league whereabouts. At the end of the day, the quality of Claus-Dieter Wollitz’s squad will not be enough to kidnap a threesome from the Alpenbauer Sportpark. A draw would be exactly the result, which is most conceivable in this pairing and therefore Unterhaching vs. Cottbus is also a tip most likely to be completed towards the point division. The insert is rather small with two units.

Betting Prediction: X
Odds: 3.50