Tottenham vs Borussia Dortmund Betting Tips

Borussia Dortmund did not make it easy for the Champions League knockout round. Can BVB beat Tottenham Hotspur?

All-in phase! Borussia Dortmund is in the Champions League knockout round, where the Bundesliga club meets the Tottenham Hotspur. In the duel with the English top team it takes top performance – but recently the Borussia were vulnerable. Can the Bundesliga leaders take away scores at Wembley or do the Spurs retain points in their home country?

Today’s Betting Tips and Predictions Tottenham vs Borussia Dortmund

Because even if the BVB arrives as Bundesliga leaders, he should not appear in the Wembley as a game-determining team. Rather, a balanced game is expected, in which enjoy the Spurs optical advantages. These should also result in an opportunity, because how vulnerable the Dortmund back team against offensively strong teams can act, showed up against Hoffenheim (3: 3).

The Spurs, on the other hand, can rely on one of the safest defensive lines on the continent and have come in form with three straight wins, while Dortmund have been waiting for victory for three games. Add to the form and defensive assets nor the individual benefits that Tottenham’s squad has, so you should pay tribute to the favorite status of the Spurs and take advantage of the strong odds of the hosts.

Tottenham Hotspur

The last three results: 3: 1 vs. Leicester City, 1-0 vs. Newcastle Unitd, 2: 1 Vs. Watford

The Spurs are back: the Tottenham Hotspur celebrated three consecutive victories, which puts the team in a strong shape against BVB. Only two weeks ago you could not have said that.

At that time, the Spurs had just retired in the FA Cup, embarrassingly against Crystal Palace, the smallest of all Premier League city rivals. It seemed that the team did not want to take the task seriously in Cup Four, so Palace Tottenham sent home a deserved 0-2 defeat. Above all, the otherwise so secure back-team was rarely vulnerable – like Chelsea a few days earlier.

In the duel with the Blues, the Spurs had actually been favored, the semi-final first leg in the League Cup they had to decide for themselves (1-0). In the second leg, however, the spit turned, Chelsea draw the gap within minutes. Tottenham saved himself on penalties, but luck was not enough for the Spurs – 2: 4.

The two defeats plunged the team into a mini-hole: Double Cup within three days. One more, two more weak appearances, and Tottenham’s first crisis of the season would be born. It came, however, differently.

Only three days after the Chelsea defeat, the Spurs were back on the road to success, against Watford, the team won – although the game against Hornets initially took a different direction. The intermediate 0: 1 deficit, however, the Pocchettino was able to turn successfully – 2: 1.

Then Tottenham met Newcastle United (1-0) and Leicester City (3-1), against whom the team made more or less safe home victories. With now three successes in a row shook the third-tier Premier League league tables, the critical votes of the previous weeks quickly.

In the Champions League, however, critics are used to White Hart Lane. Tottenham’s weak international performance in recent years has left doubts persistent, and following the bankruptcies against Barcelona (2-4) and Inter Milan (1-0) over the group stage, most experts expect to retire this year the Spurs – possibly in the second round.

Possible lineup Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs coach Pocchettino has basically only two losses to complain about, but just the absence of these two players weighs heavily: Top striker Harry Kane and playmaker Dele Alli have been injured for weeks, they should miss the entire round of the last sixteen. Your coach should replace his achievers as usual:

Lloris – Trippier, Alderweireld, D. Sanchez, D. Rose – Winks, Sissoko – Eriksen, Son, Lucas – Llorente

Borussia Dortmund

The last three results: 3: 3 vs. 3. TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, 2: 4 i.E. vs. SV Werder Bremen, 1: 1 Eintracht Frankfurt

The low of Dortmund Borussia, it comes at an untimely time. Just before the CL knockout round, BVB made its weakest appearances so far – three in number.

First, the Bundesliga leaders came in Frankfurt, where the Dortmund met an excellent set Eintracht. The Hessians were able to disturb Dortmund’s circles mostly early, so that the black and yellow hardly penetrated into the dangerous rooms. The BVB, on the other hand, also knew how to prevent the attacking game of the formidable Adler, so that the teams drew up with a competitive draw – 1-1.

Then the Dortmund met in the DFB Cup on Werder Bremen, a good, but not a very good opponent. In front of their home crowd, many expected a superior victory for BVB – but once again the trophy wrote its own story.

After 90 intense minutes, it was 1: 1, an equally fair result as the 3: 3 after a wild extension. After the teams had dueled 120 minutes at eye level, it had to judge the penalty shoot-out, the guests from the Weser kept the upper hand. What remained were backward Dortmund, who had for two hours failed to put their stamp on the game and then failed in luck.

The bitter Pokalaus apparently worked, because against the TSG Hoffenheim BVB delivered one of the most memorable performances of the season: Until the 75th Minute looked after a dominant home success, 3: 0 led the Borussia – but then tipped the team for some inexplicable reasons apart. With an impressive final offensive, the Kraichgauer forced the hosts to their knees and equalized seconds before the final whistle – 3: 3.

Thus, the Dortmunder messed up not only befitting the dress rehearsal before the trip to London, they lost on top of that part of their league lead. The deficit of Bayern is still five points, but after three winless competitive games in a row growing doubts about Dortmund’s sovereignty. And depending on how the team on the island strikes, these doubts could grow even more.

Possible line-up Borussia Dortmund

BVB coach Favre will be able to get over the injury-related defeats of center-backs Akanji and Balerdi to some extent – but the absence of captain Reus may give him a headache. The class of the playmaker can not be replaced in Dortmund squad, only the collective can catch the failure – as follows:

Bürki – Piszczek, Weigl, Diallo, Hakimi – Delaney, Witsel – Sancho, M. Gotze, Guerreiro – Alcacer

Betting Tips: Victory for the Tottenham Hotspur
Odds: 2.30