Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina Bobrujsk Betting Odds and Predictions

A lot of football is no longer played around the world, but there are still a few exceptions. Belarus is the last Mohican in Europe. Despite the current development, a stop is out of the question. An international break would have been on the program this weekend, but it fell into the water. The Belarusian association thus moved the second day of the current season to this weekend.

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina Bobrujsk Betting Predictions and Odds

This second matchday will open on Friday afternoon with the duel between Torpedo Zhodino and promoted Belshina Bobrujsk. We are trying to make a prediction for this game of two completely unknown teams. An important note is undoubtedly that Belarus is not a ghost game, but fans are basically allowed.

However, the Austrian Darko Bodul – who is under contract with Shakhtar Soligorsk – said in an interview this week that many people in Belarus abide by the global rules of conduct, even though Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko describes the current situation as a psychosis. The result is fewer spectators, but there is no cauldron anyway in Belarus.

Large teams such as BATE Borisov, Dynamo Brest, Dinamo Minsk and Boduls club Shakhtar Soligorsk stumbled on matchday one. Soligorsk suffered a last minute loss to Zhodino. Zhodino could now fix the perfect start to the season against the promoted team and is considered a clear favorite on Friday afternoon according to the odds comparison on Friday afternoon. Between Torpedo Zhodino and Belshina Bobrujsk odds of around 1.60 are offered for the home win.

Torpedo Zhodino -Statistics & current form

For many years, Torpedo Zhodino has been found in the expanded top of Belarusian football. Teams like Brest or BATE Borisov and often Soligorsk are out of competition, but there are no teams behind which Zhodino has to hide. A placement between fifth and seventh place has always been achieved since the 2013 season – pure consistency.

Surprise victory at the start

Nevertheless, last weekend’s success could be described as a big surprise. The Brazilian winger Gabriel Ramos scored the only goal in added time and thus fixed the opening success. Surprising on the one hand, because outside Shakhtar Soligorsk they were considered a clear outsider. On the other hand, the shape of Torpedo Zhodino has not been outstanding in recent weeks and months.

Right before the start of the season, Torpedo Zhodino also played back and forth against the Soligorsk team and suffered two losses. This continued the trend under the new coach Yuri Puntus in the new calendar year. Puntus, who only took over at the end of September, celebrated only two wins and one draw in his first ten games – the seven remaining games were all lost.

Zhodino is much stronger at home than abroad

With a weak start to the season, there would have been discussions about the head coach early in the new season. However, the tide could now turn within a few days. With a home win against the promoted team, the crisis would have evaporated and the team could have established itself early on.

The clear favorite role is underlined by the very good home record. The defensive in particular is much more stable at home than abroad. In 2019 there were only 14 goals in the 15 home games of the national championship. So on Friday between Torpedo Zhodino and Belschina Bobrujsk is definitely a tip for another “zero” victory for the home side.

Probable lineup of Torpedo Zhodino:

➤ Bushma – Ustinov, Stepanov, Yashin, Shcherbo – Gabriel Ramos, Khachaturyan, Pavlyukovets, Kukharchik – Gorbachik, Antilevski

Last games from Torpedo Zhodino:

Premier League
⚽️ 03/19 2020 Schachzjor Salihorsk 0 – 1 Torpedo Schodsina
⚽️ 12/01 2019 Torpedo Schodsina 1 – 2 BATE Baryssau
⚽️ 11/24 2019 Dnyapro Mogilev 2 – 1 Torpedo Schodsina
⚽️ 11/10 2019 Energetics BGU 2 – 1 Torpedo Schodsina
⚽️ 11/03 2019 Torpedo Schodsina 4 – 0 Dinamo Minsk

Belschina Bobrujsk – Statistics & current form

The club in its current form was founded in 1976. Just in time for the 25th anniversary, the greatest success in the club’s history was achieved. In 2001, not only was the Belarusian Cup raised for the third time, but the first – and only – title win in the championship was celebrated. However, the club has been miles away from such successes in recent years.

However, it should be mentioned that today’s club Belschina Bobrujsk is actually the successor club of Shinnik Bobruisk, which was founded in 1926 and celebrated a total of four title wins (1926, 1958, 1972 and 1973).

Developments in the recent past

Football in Belarus is already flying under the radar, but in 2016 at the latest the club said goodbye to the scene. With only 25 points and only five wins in 30 league games, the penultimate rank was occupied and the descent into second division was perfect.

The club reached fourth place a year earlier and narrowly missed qualifying for the UEFA Europa League before the crash followed. For three years, the second division was the home of the club from the 215,000-inhabitant city of Bobrujsk (often written as Babruysk).

The return to the top league was impressive in the past season. 21 of the 28 league games were won, there were only two losses in the entire season. Interestingly, the team had to admit defeat to their home crowd on both occasions. Abroad, the club had an outstanding 11-3-0 record. Nevertheless, on Friday between Torpedo Zhodino and Belschina Bobrujsk, the successful prediction of a guest victory would be a big surprise.

The start of the season went wrong

After a large number of friendly games – the team of head coach Eduard Gradoboev played no fewer than eleven games – the new season began with a home game against capital club FK Minsk. Belschina Bobrujsk had the opportunity for a cup revenge, because last July the two teams faced each other in the Spartak Stadium – Minsk won 3-1.

The new season started perfectly for the promoted team, because striker Leonid Kovel scored the opening goal in just seven minutes. This lead lasted until half-time before Minsk turned the game with a double strike after the restart. In the end, the promoted player suffered a deja-vu and the season opener was lost 1: 3 against FK Minsk – as already in the cup.

Probable lineup of Belschina Bobrujsk:

➤ Turanok – Kuchnskiy, Odeyobo, Yasukevich, Pysko – Bezhonov, Bordukov, Skobilikov, Glebko – Salimov – Kovel

Last games from Belschina Bobrujsk:

Premier League
⚽️ 03/22 2020 Belschyna Babrujsk 1 – 3 FC Minsk
Club friendlies
⚽️ 07/02 2019 Belschyna Babrujsk 0-2 FC Tambov
1st League
⚽️ 11/11 2017 Neman agro 2 – 10 Belschyna Babrujsk
⚽️ 11/04 2017 Belschyna Babrujsk 1 – 0 Smolevichy
⚽️ 10/28 2017 FC Slonim-2017 1 – 1 Belschyna Babrujsk

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belschina Bobrujsk direct comparison

The direct comparison of the two teams is completely balanced after a total of 26 games. In nine games, the tip on the home side was the right choice between Torpedo Schodsina and Belschyna Babrusjk, the current climber has celebrated eight wins.

The last time the two teams faced each other was four years ago. In Belschyna Babrusjk’s relegation year, only one of six possible points against Torpedo Schodsina was collected.

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belschina Bobrujsk Betting Odds and Predictions

This game is a special game for Zhodino head coach Yuri Puntus. The 59-year-old former national coach of Belarus (2006-2007) worked for Belschina Bobrujsk until September last year and laid the foundation stone for the return to the first division.

No surprises await his ex-club. In terms of quality, the home side can be classified more strongly. Coupled with the good home record, between Torpedo Zhodino and Belschina Bobrujsk we find the tip on a home win definitely interesting in the current betting odds.

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belschina Bobrujsk – betting odds comparison – Premier League

🔺 Betting Prediction: Torpedo Zhodino
🔺 Betting Odds: 1.5
🔺 Betting Prediction: Draw
🔺 Betting Odds:3.85
🔺 Betting Prediction: Belschina Bobrujsk
🔺 Betting Odds: 5.6

Key Facts – Torpedo Zhodino vs Belschina Bobrujsk Tips

🔻 Zhodino’s cup revanche succeeded – last minute victory against Shakhtar Soligorsk
🔻 For the first time since 2016, the teams are facing each other again
🔻 The promoted team has not lost an away game in the past season

The newcomer has shown himself to be extremely strong abroad, but the gap between the second and first league should not be underestimated, especially since there are already large differences in quality in the first Belarusian league. We are not only expecting the home win here, but are also in good spirits that between Torpedo Zhodino and Belschina Bobrujsk the prediction of the handicap success will come true.

🔺 Competition: Premier League
🔺 Date: 27.03.2020
🔺 Betting Prediction: Handicap: victory at home -1.5
🔺 Betting Odds: 2.75
🔺 Stake: 5/10 units