World Cup Prediction Sweden - Switzerland

Sweden – Switzerland World Cup Prediction

Soccer World Cup: Eighth Finals

Duel of 2 countries that are characterized by “defend well” and thanks to that they managed to qualify for the world … as well as having good participation in their group stage, still Sweden did a great game beating Mexico to ensure the lead and avoid Brazil.

Switzerland started against the toughest opponent Brazil, suffering in the last minutes with too many arrivals of the scratch du gold asking for the end to ensure a certain qualification … however their best match was coming from behind against Serbia winning 2-1 with a goal of Shaquiri an excellent reaction in the second part.

The only problem I saw of the Swiss team is “receive a goal” in their 3 matches, something unusual in their tie or friendly where they could keep the zero, with that solidity in their defensive saga … although their lead has been very effective.

On the other hand the Swedes have maintained order since last year being their best virtue defend … South Korea and Mexico could not break that barrier, only Germany managed to score 2 goals to get 3 points in the end did not help.

The Swiss will have the very important casualties of their 2 defenders Schar and Lichtsteiner and Sweden the low of Sebastian Larsson.

It may be a meeting of few notes, but I will go with the Swedes because I liked their proposal and their style of play so defined that they have.

Prediction of the Day: Sweden +0.25, Asian handicap
Odds: 1.73