Sturm Graz vs SV Innsbruck Betting Odds and Predictions

Sturm Graz vs SV Innsbruck Betting Odds and Predictions

How much does Sturm win against the blatant underdog?

⚽️ Game: Sturm Graz – SV Innsbruck
⚽️ Competition: ÖFB Cup
🔻 Date: 08/28/2020
🔺 Betting Prediction: Handicap: Victory home -5.5
🔻 Betting Odds: 5.55
🔺 Stake: 5/10 units

Before club football takes a short break and the kick-off for the UEFA Nations League takes place, the 2020/21 season in Austria starts with the first round of the ÖFB Cup. Usually, the underdog has home rights. Due to the current situation, however, this regulation does not apply and if the underdog cannot present a practicable security concept, the team must be away from home.

Because most of the underdogs now have to compete abroad, surprises are probably even rarer. The Friday evening game will take place in the Merkur Arena – Bundesliga team Sturm Graz will receive SV Innsbruck.

Although according to the Ministry of Health, events with more than 1,250 people will not be allowed until September 1, Sturm received from the local authorities permission to let up to 7,000 spectators into the stadium for this cup game. The presented safety concept with separated sectors and arrangement of the seats in a chessboard pattern is intended to serve as a trial gallop for the Bundesliga start.

With the return of the fans, more “football feeling” is returning. The anticipation is great and Sturm would like to be able to celebrate a positive start at Christian Ilzer’s coaching debut. On the three-way market, a tip between Sturm Graz and SV Innsbruck does not pay off, because according to our betting base odds comparison, the odds are a maximum of 1.02.

Sturm Graz – Statistics & current form

Since Franco Foda left the Blackies in 2017 and accepted the post as ÖFB team boss, the Styrians have not had much luck with their coaches. Despite great advance praise, Nestor El Maestro did not even survive a whole season as a Strum coach, three rounds before the end the cooperation was ended due to poor results, catastrophic performances, and one or the other scandal.

Christian Ilzer should bring Sturm to success

Christian Ilzer was presented as his successor, who announced his move just a few hours after missing the EL qualification with Wiener Austria. The disappointment in the violet camp about his departure was limited. In his Styrian homeland, Ilzer wants to build on the great successes he achieved with Hartberg (promotion) and WAC (third place, first EL qualification).

After years of disappointment, Sturm now wants to build on the old successes. The qualification for Europe is the declared goal of the “Blackies”, who were able to strengthen the defense. With Gorenc-Stankovic and Wüthrich, two promising central defenders were directed to Graz. Full-back Ingolitsch and winger Kuen can also be rated as strong new signings.

Passable results in preparation

After the 2019/20 season ended with a series of defeats (six bankruptcies in a row), there was also a narrow 0-1 defeat in the first test match against the Hungarian champions Ferencvaros. However, the Hungarians only kicked Celtic out of the Champions League this week.

In the three other preparation games, the Graz team celebrated two wins and achieved a draw against the Czech first division club Opava. With five goals in three games, the much-scolded offensive was able to regain self-confidence, and this positive feeling should now be reinforced against a fourth division team. A clear success is expected and accordingly between Sturm Graz and SV Innsbruck a prediction for a handicap success is quite obvious.

Probable formation of Sturm Graz:
➤ Siebenhandl – Wüthrich, Gorenc-Stankovic, Geyrhofer – Ljubic, Lackner – Hierländer, Kiteishvili, Kuen – Balaj

Last matches from Sturm Graz:

Club friendship games
⚽️ 08/22 2020 Strum Graz 2 – 1 SV Lafnitz
⚽️ 08/15 2020 Strum Graz 1 – 1 Slezský FC Opava
⚽️ 08/12 2020 Strum Graz 2 – 1 NK Bravo
⚽️ 08/08 2020 Strum Graz 0 – 1 Ferencvaros
Bundesliga Championship Group
⚽️ 07/05 2020 Strum Graz 1 – 4 Hartberg

SV Innsbruck – Statistics & current form

The Innsbruck sports club is the oldest football club in western Austria. The club was founded in 1905 and was considered a founding member of the predecessor of today’s Tyrolean Football Association. In the club’s well over 100-year history, the club celebrated its greatest success in 1979, when it won the championship title in the Alpine League.

The sovereign league leader in the Tyrolean league when it was canceled

In contrast to the two professional leagues, the 2019/20 season in the amateur sector was canceled after the lockdown and completely canceled. A decision that did not cause any cheering, especially among the supporters of the SVI. Head coach Martin Hofbauer’s team played an outstanding season and was the clear number one in the Tyrolean league – the fourth division.

With twelve wins, one draw and only two defeats, the team ranked first and was already seven points ahead of the runners-up from Fügen.

Young team before the biggest game of their career so far

Given the performances shown, the promotion to the Regionalliga Tirol would have been only a matter of form. Due to the cancellation, the SVI will play in division four for another year. The participation in the Austrian cup competition is the reward for an outstanding 2019/20 season.

The SVI squad consists largely of very young players. In total, only three actors are older than 25 years. For the young team, a duel with a Bundesliga club is the biggest game in the club’s history.

However, the self-confidence is not necessarily great, because the start of the Tyrolean league did not go as desired. After two games there is only a meager counter on the credit side and so far Innsbruck has not been able to build on the strong performance of the previous year. Given these findings, a prediction for a sensation between Sturm Graz and SV Innsbruck is not recommended.

Probable formation of SV Innsbruck:
➤ Hauser – Bär, Engelbrecht, Tinzl – Mair, Peintner, Plattner, Steinbacher, Waldhart, Yösavel – Santer

Last matches from SV Innsbruck:

⚽️ 07/17 2015 SV Innsbruck 0-15 Ried
Tyrol League
⚽️ 06/06 2008 Kolsass / Weer 0 – 0 SV Innsbruck
⚽️ 05/31 2008 Reichenau (A) 5 – 2 SV Innsbruck
⚽️ 05/24 2008 SV Innsbruck 0 – 1 Kirchbichl
⚽️ 05/21 2008 Jenbach 4 – 1 SV Innsbruck

Sturm Graz vs SV Innsbruck Direct comparison

For the first time, there is an unequal duel between the Bundesliga club and the fourth division club.

Sturm Graz vs SV Innsbruck – Betting odds comparison – ÖFB Cup

🔺 Betting Prediction: Sturm Graz
🔻 Betting Odds: 1.01
🔺 Betting Prediction: Draw
🔻 Betting Odds: 21
🔺 Betting Prediction: SV Innsbruck
🔻 Betting Odds: 26

Sturm Graz vs. SV Innsbruck Statistics Highlights

Club friendship games
⚽️ 08/22 2020 Strum Graz 2 – 1 SV Lafnitz
⚽️ 08/15 2020 Strum Graz 1 – 1 Slezský FC Opava
⚽️ 08/12 2020 Strum Graz 2 – 1 NK Bravo
⚽️ 08/08 2020 Strum Graz 0 – 1 Ferencvaros
Bundesliga Championship Group
⚽️ 07/05 2020 Strum Graz 1 – 4 Hartberg
⚽️ 07/01 2020 Salzburg 5 – 2 Strum Graz
⚽️ 06/28 2020 Strum Graz 2 – 3 Rapid Vienna
⚽️ 06/24 2020 Wolfsberger AC 2 – 0 Strum Graz
⚽️ 06/21 2020 Strum Graz 0 – 2 LASK
⚽️ 06/17 2020 LASK 4 – 0 Strum Graz

Sturm Graz vs SV Innsbruck Betting Odds and Predictions

There are no justified doubts about the Blackies’ progress. The difference in quality is enormous, the home advantage is also on the part of the favorite and the preparation results were quite satisfactory. Accordingly, the question arises as to how high the victory for Graz will be. The best bookmakers offer a tip on the handicap -5.5 between Sturm Graz and SV Innsbruck, highly interesting betting odds.

Key facts – Sturm Graz vs SV Innsbruck tips

🔺 A new start for Sturm under Christian Ilzer
🔺 For the first time, the teams face each other
🔺 In 2015, the SVI received a 0:15 in the ÖFB Cup

Judging by the last appearance of the Tyroleans in the Austrian cup competition, this bet should not be a problem. In 2015, Innsbruck slipped into a violent 0:15 debacle against SV Ried. We do not want to forecast a result of this magnitude, but a very clear victory for the Graz team. Therefore, between Sturm Graz and SV Innsbruck, the prediction alludes to the handicap -5.5 with five units.

At first glance, six goals difference seem like an enormous handicap, but the SVI’s last appearance in the cup and the fact that the Graz team want to recommend themselves under the neo-coach make these odds seem particularly lucrative.