Europa League Steaua Bucharest vs Rapid Vienna

UEFA Europa League Steaua Bucharest vs Rapid Vienna

Steaua Bucharest is always a chronic title contender and they are the most important team in Romanian football. Unsurprisingly, at the end of 6 days, they are already leading the national championship where this year should have the competition of Cluj as more direct opponent.

Steaua Bucharest is a team that has experience in European competitions where they are often present, especially in the Europa League, which they play more regularly.

The squad is reasonable and gives guarantees. Last year this team was in this competition and even passed the group stage of the Champions League having subsequently lost in the 16th to Lázio in a difficult tie.

This year they left behind Rudar with 2 easy triumphs and then Croatia’s Hajduk with a draw at zero in Croatia and a 2-1 win at home. The move to Vienna did not go well and lost 3-1.

Rapid Vienna are a very distant team from the last 15, 20 years where they were fighting for the title with greater strength and in many years were even champions. Nowadays they struggle more for a presence in a European place.
The squad of this team does not have big names and in this season very hardly will fight for the title. After 5 days already played, they occupy the 5th position of the Austrian Bundesliga.

Rapid Vienna in this Europa League are betting on the group stage and have already left Slovan Bratislava behind. They lost 2-1 in Slovakia, but at home they applied plate 4 and moved on.

The result of the first leg against Steaua was very positive and the advantage of 2 goals is always important. If they score 1 goal, they are very close to moving forward.

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Steaua is a favorite but we will have a tricky game here. The Austrians will bet against attacks to kill the tie and a goal can ruin everything.

Still, I see Steaua take on the match, have more ball and play more time in the middle of the opponent running behind the injury.

If it is with a null for the interval, the tie will be much more complicated.

I therefore expect a strong and intense entry from the Romanians in order to try to score as soon as possible in order to pressure the Austrians and open the tie.

With this information in mind, I expect at least 1 goal difference in time for Steaua, but also in a quick attack against the Austrians, who are more comfortable with the result in the first leg.

Betting Tip: Over 0.5 Goals HT
Odds: 1.33