St. Pauli vs Kiel Betting Predictions and Odds

When it gets dark on Monday night on the Kiez and the floodlight on Millerntor, then we know: The Second Bundesliga calls! In the last match of the fourth matchday in the second highest German league are facing St. Pauli and Kiel. According to the odds, the storks are even favored by the Baltic Sea coast.

Betting Tips and Odds for Today St. Pauli vs Kiel

The distribution of the odds thus underlines the hitherto disappointing performances of the Hamburg, who have only one point after three matchdays on the account and last two times in a row in league operation lost the short. The mood in coach Jos Luhukay’s team is also anything but optimistic and optimistic.
Nevertheless, it is quite surprising that in the game St. Pauli against Kiel a tip on the away win is considered more probable than the first three of the home side, especially as the KSV Holstein could only post four counters on the credit side. After all, the protected of Andre Schubert last offered the best performance of the still young season at the 2: 1 against Karlsruhe.

Because the Kieler but only two of 28 away games at the Millerntor victorious designed and even in the current league season the only guest appearance in Darmstadt deservedly lost 0-2, we would before the duel St. Pauli vs Kiel to give up a prediction on the game outcome. Instead, we consider a bet on a maximum of 2.5 goals worth considering.

St. Pauli vs Kiel Betting Predictions and OddsSt. Pauli – Statistics & Current Form

Football is a result sport. FC St. Pauli had to take this bitter insight last weekend after the away game at VfB Stuttgart once more.

Although the Hamburg delivered a really good game at the Bundesliga relegated and in particular in the first 60 minutes could have been higher, was at the end of a 1: 2 defeat Zubuche, by the Kiezklub for the time being slipped to a direct relegation zone.

With only one point from three league games as well as due to the recent two defeats at home against SpVgg Greuther Fürth and in Stuttgart, the Paulians ranked in 17th place and have to watch in the coming weeks as soon as possible to overturn the proverbial goat, so as not to prematurely connect to lose to the top half of the table.

Only the belief in a successful run is currently missing in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, because on the one hand, the defensive week makes hair-raising unfocusednesses and on the other lacks coach Luhukay still the alternatives to respond adequately to failures or form weaknesses.

Whether the midweek defenders James Lawrence (Anderlecht) and Matt Penney (Leicester) can remedy the situation remains to be seen. In addition, there is still a strong and creative six as well as a striker who takes on the last-term criticism of opportunity exploitation.

Another problem identified is the lack of condition in the final phase. For more than 60 minutes, St. Pauli was the better team in Stuttgart before a small break-in followed. The best example of this was provided by Mats Möller Daehli, who was one of the best players on the pitch and had to be replaced exhausted after just under an hour.

By the way, the term “must be” has to be critically questioned, because after the game the 24-year-old Norwegian claimed that his substitution had come too early and that he could have played a bit longer. His coach claimed exactly the opposite, which reiterates the tensions within the team.

Although the Kiez kickers won at least eight of their 17 home games in the previous year and thus performed much more effectively at home than in the distance, in the current situation a performance in front of their own fans may not be a big advantage.

“It’s possible that it’s about relegation.” – Coach Luhukay

The pressure is clearly on the shoulders of the ambitious table 17, who wants to operate after the 1: 3 defeat in the only home game against Fürth necessarily redress.

We therefore forecast between St. Pauli and Kiel that a tip on the home side – despite surprisingly high home prices – does not claim a high probability of success.

We can imagine that coach Luhukay after six goals in three games against an offensive opponent such as keel once the focus on a compact defensive work, then to come with targeted attacks to success. Betting on a maximum of 2.5 goals is accordingly an interesting option in our eyes.

Christopher Avevor, Markus Ziereis, Ih-Yeong Park, Luis Cordes, Henk Veerman and Borys Tashchy will not stand for injury. Despite the defeat at VfB Stuttgart mentioned several times, Jos Luhukay will probably start a similar starting eleven as in the previous week. It remains to be seen whether this Pauli team is then able to hold on for 90 minutes the ailing pace.

Expected formation of St. Pauli:
➤ Himmelmann – Buballa, Knoll, Carstens, Miyaichi – Hoffmann, Becker – Conteh, Daehli, Lankford – Diamantakos
Coach: Luhukay

Last matches of St. Pauli:

⚽️ 17.08.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs. St. Pauli 2: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11.08.2019 – Lübeck vs St. Pauli 3: 3 (DFB Cup)
⚽️ 02.08.2019 – St. Pauli Vs. Fürth 1: 3 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 29.07.2019 – Bielefeld vs St. Pauli 1: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 20.07.2019 – Heerenveen vs. St. Pauli 1: 1 (friendly)

St. Pauli vs Kiel Betting Odds and PredictionsKiel – Statistics & Current Form

For the athletic leadership duo of KSV Holstein, the away game on Monday night is a Millerntor a very special challenge. The speech is of course by Andre Schubert and Fabian Boll, who both have a common Pauli past. The former crowd pleaser “Boller”, of course, even more than the now 48-year-old football teacher.

Fabian Boll belongs with his more than 300 official matches for the Kiezklub in altogether 14 years to the largest idols of the association. The 40-year-old detective, who is currently resting his job with the police to take about 50 minutes on the A7 to Kiel in daily life, followed in the summer the call of his ex-coach Schubert and became his assistant at the fjord.

On Monday, however, old friendships will have to rest, because Boll’s and Schubert’s attention is logically focused solely on kidnapping the three points from the old employer. The prospects for it are not bad, because the storks seem to have come into shape in time for the away task in Hamburg.

After a moderate start with only one point from the two games at home against Sandhausen (1: 1) and in Darmstadt (0: 2), the Kiel in the first round of the DFB Cup in Salmrohr at 6: 0 shot the frustration of the soul.

“I always find it strange when players stop rejoicing when they return to their old workplace. What is that a sign to the current club? I would be very happy to win on St. Pauli. ” – Fabian Boll

It followed the important 2-1 home win last weekend against the undefeated Karlsruher SC.

The Northern Lights did not let themselves be disturbed despite a temporary 1-0 deficit and shot the match thanks to two goals from Jae-sung Lee. With now four points, Holstein is in the midfield of the table, but has the opportunity to re-establish the connection to the top group with another threesome.

In order to focus more closely on the direct duel between St. Pauli and Kiel, we should state that the orientation of the storks in the current season is no longer necessarily comparable to the march route from the previous year.

Former coach Tim Walter, who now swings the scepter at VfB Stuttgart, stood like no other for unconditional and high-risk offensive football, which often went to the detriment of the defensive. Andre Schubert, on the other hand, prefers a more orderly style of play, which his protected now better and better internalize.

In this respect, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to take the results, numbers and facts from the last game year as the basis for their odds distribution and possibly weight them too much. Two of the three second division matches ended with a maximum of two goals. For this reason, on Monday night at Millerntor, we think it’s unlikely that the 2.5 goals will be exceeded.

Jannik Dehm must continue to watch injured. Jonas Meffert was sent off against Karlsruhe with a red of the field and is therefore also missing in the squad of the guests. Otherwise, only a few changes are expected. For Meffert Ignjovski should move into the defensive midfield. Emmanuel Iyoha is also a candidate for a jump in the starting lineup.

Expected formation of Kiel:
➤ Reimann – Schmidt, Neumann, election – van den Bergh, Ignjovski, Mühling, Sander – Baku, Lee, Atanga (Iyoha)
Coach: Schubert

Last matches from Kiel:

⚽️ 18.08.2019 – Kiel vs Karlsruhe 2: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11.08.2019 – Salm tube vs. Kiel 0: 6 (DFB Cup)
⚽️ 04.08.2019 – Darmstadt vs Kiel 2: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 27.07.2019 – Kiel vs SV Sandhausen 1: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 21.07.2019 – Kiel vs Sheffield Wednesday 2: 3 (Friendly Match)

St. Pauli vs Kiel Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

56 competitive games have been delivered to St. Pauli and Kiel since the 1950s. The Hamburg lead the direct comparison thereby with 23 victories. Opposite are 16 draws and 17 defeats. More interesting than a look at the long history, however, is the assessment of the recent four matches that were on the program in the past two league years.

In 2017/2018, the Kiezkicker were allowed to cheer both in the away and in the return leg. In 2018/2019, however, both successes went to KSV Holstein. At the Millerntor Kiel won the previous year just 1: 0. We would not rule out a similar outcome for Monday night either.

St. Pauli vs Kiel Betting Odds & more Interesting betting predictions:

🔺 Betting Prediction: St. Pauli
🔺 Betting Odds: 3.00
🔺 Betting Prediction: Draw
🔺 Betting Odds: 3.50
🔺 Betting Prediction: Kiel
🔺 Betting odds: 2.25

St. Pauli vs Kiel Our Best Betting Predictions and Betting Odds

The fourth round of the second Bundesliga will end on Monday night with the encounter between St. Pauli and Kiel. According to the betting odds, more is currently saying that the guests from the fjord will leave the field at Millerntor as the winner. However, whether or not KSV Holstein succeeds in the 29th attempt in St. Pauli until the third success can be doubted.

Although the Hamburg have a very weak start to the season with only one point from three games, but the team of Jos Luhukay is quite confident of a liberation at home – especially because of the good first 60 minutes in Stuttgart. Nevertheless, between St. Pauli and Kiel we deliberately refrain from a prediction in favor of the hosts.

Key Facts – St. Pauli vs Kiel tips

🔻 St. Pauli only with a point from three games
🔻 Kiel plays under Schubert a little more cautious than in the preseason
🔻 The storks have won only two out of 28 appearances at Millerntor – most recently 2018/2019 (1: 0)

Among other things, this is due to the fact that the storks last performed a good performance at home against Karlsruhe and are also an unpleasant opponent.

Kiel was a classic over-team last season. Compared to its predecessor Tim Walter, however, Andre Schubert is more on compactness in the game against the ball. The result was rather “poor goal” matches in the first three matchdays.

In connection with the aforementioned uncertainty on the part of the Kiezkicker we would meet at the match St. Pauli vs Kiel decide for a tip on a maximum of two goals. A 1-1 draw seems as realistic as a close success for either side. With promising prices of 2.30 in the lead, we risk a bet of six units.

🔺 Competition: 2nd Bundesliga
🔺 Date: 26.08.2019
🔺 Betting Prediction: Over 2.5 goals
🔺 Odds: 2.30
🔺 Stake: 6/10 units