Sports betting tips today 03/31/2020

Sports betting tips today 03/31/2020 – The Masked Singer is out!

Esports as a replacement for the TV entertainment show?

A soccer game lasts 90 minutes! What Sepp Herberger said is supposedly law. In Belarus, however, the rules are being tweaked. The reserve league is only played over the significantly shortened playing time of 70 minutes and yet there you can probably find interesting sports betting tips for today.

The league is usually not the focus, but currently the football offer has shrunk too much not to take a look at Belarus. Ultimately, the reserve league in Belarus is just a small appetizer in the run-up to the matchday of the top league in Nicaragua on Wednesday.

Diriangen and Managua were virtually unknown a few months ago, but the third matchday within a week in the low-soccer period allows the league to take a liking.

The cancellation of today’s show by The Masked Singer is less than enthusiastic. At least the Esports program is a little conciliatory!

Betting base in the ESL Pro League Oh My God vs. Invictus Gaming and a duel of the SC Star League closely examined.

Betting program overview 31.03. – most interesting events

🕹 Esports (LoL, CS: GO, Dota 2 etc.)
⚽️ Soccer friendlies
⚽️ Football Belarus Reserve League
🏀 Basketball (Taiwan SBL)
🏒 Ice hockey (Belarus Extraliga)
🏓 Table tennis (Moscow, Setka Cup, Czech Republic)
🏐 Volleyball (Belarus, Russia)

Betting tips Belarus Reserve League on 31.03

⚽️ Strikerz Minzk vs Stolica Minzk
🔺 1: 1.72 Draw: 3.75 2: 3.75

⚽️ Goryn vs Kurva Nord
🔺 1: 2.40 Draw: 3.60 2: 2.40

⚽️ Favorite Minsk vs Arena
🔺 1: 2.75 Draw: 4.00 2: 2.00

TV entertainment shows: The Masked Singer paused!

Actually, the third last show of The Masked Singer should take place today. For example, many fans puzzled over which singer is behind the chameleon costume, which was recently on the brink.

The Masked Singer favorites remain Wuschel and the sloth. The guesswork will have to pause until April 14th. Due to the infection of two team members, the break is taken.

Friendlies on March 31

⚽️ Slonim vs Dzerzhinsk
🔺 1: 2.25 Draw: 4.00 2: 2.50

⚽️ Byttorps vs Sodra Vings
🔺 1: 1.53 Draw: 5.00 2: 4.00

⚽️ Istaravshan vs Isfara
🔺 1: 1.20 Draw: 6.50 2: 8.00

⚽️ Gothenburg (women) vs Tolo (women)
🔺 1: 1.02 Draw: 23.00 2: 23.00

Esports: Bet ESL Pro League on 03/31/2020

In addition to League of Legens and Dota 2, Counterstrike is one of the esports classics and highlights. The ESL Pro League in particular is currently busy with many sports bettors, especially as the games of the EU and NA seasons deliver optimal seasons.

Excellent gaming is offered almost every day and the end often ends around midnight.

Esports ESL Pro League on March 30th, 2020

G2 Esports vs OG

🎮 Betting Prediction: G2 Esports
Odds: 1.40
Betting Prediction: OG
Odds: 2.80

🎮 mouseports vs

Betting Prediction: mouseports
Odds: 1.25
Betting Prediction:
Odds: 3.65

🎮 100 Thieves vs MiBR

Betting Prediction: 100 Thieves
Odds: 1.42
Betting Prediction: MiBR
Odds: 2.75