Sports betting tips today 03/26/2020 - Esports beats football

Sports betting tips today 03/26/2020 – Esports beats football

ESL Pro League plugs football hole

Spain vs. Germany? Actually, numerous international matches were planned these days, but now football fans and sports bettors alike have to make do with a clearly slimmed down program. Instead, on the weekend there is a full game day – with viewers and TV broadcast – in Belarus.

On Thursday there will be a small preliminary program in Belarus with two games in the reserve league. There are also three friendly matches in Europe and a friendly comparison of two women’s teams.

Esports continues to flourish. From today’s three games of the ESL Pro League in the United States, Betting Base has won the matches Team Liquid vs. MiBR and FaZe vs. TYLOO analyzes.

Betting program overview 26.03. – these events take place

⚽️ Football Friendly Games (Europe)
⚽️ Football reserve league Belarus
⚽️ Soccer friendly games women
🏀 Basketball (Russia MLBL, Taiwan)
🏒 Ice Hockey (Liga Pro Short Hockey)
🕹 Esports (ESL Pro League, LOL, Dota2)
🤾 Handball (2nd league Belarus)
🏓 Table tennis (in Russia)
🏐 Volleyball (in Russia)

Bet friendlies on 03/26/2020

Thursday is not a common day for friendlies, as clubs are usually challenged on Saturday or Sunday at the latest. Although this looks different in the current crisis, the betting program has shrunk somewhat compared to the previous days.

Below is a small overview of all 3-way odds for friendlies available today:

Betting tips friendlies on 26.03. Match 1 X 2 bets

⚽️ Kalmar FF vs Jonkopings
🔺 Kalmar FF: 1.44 X: 4.33 Jonkopings: 6.00

⚽️ Markaryds vs Delary / Pjatteryd
🔺 Markaryds: 1.75 X: 5.00 Delary / Pjatteryd: 3.10

⚽️ Vaster vs Virgo
🔺 Vaster: 3.75 X: 4.75 Virgo: 1.57

⚽️ Enskede (W) vs Alta (W)
🔺 Enskede (W): 1.75 X: 4.00 Alta (W): 3.40

Esports: Bet ESL Pro League on 03/26/2020

The ESL Pro League is currently becoming better known among sports bettors almost every day because Esports do not fill huge stadiums as in the past, but there is largely planning certainty regarding the schedule.

Betting entertainment is thus guaranteed and, by the way, our Esports experts took a close look at two of the three matches.

Esports ESL Pro League on March 26th, 2020 Match 1 2 bets

🎮 FaZe vs TYLOO

FaZe: 1.11
TYLOO: 6.10

🎮 100 Thieves vs Swole Patrol

100 Thieves: 1.20
Swole Patrol: 4.40

🎮 Team Liquid vs MiBR

Team Liquid: 1.28
MiBR: 3.60

Belarus Reserve League Today – Match 1 X 2 bets

⚽️ Ruh Brest vs Energetik BGU

🔺 Ruh Brest: 3.25 X: 3.50 Energetik BGU: 2.00

⚽️ Zhodino vs Belshina

🔺 Zhodino: 2.30 X: 3.40 Belshina: 2.75

The Belarusian reserve league started almost parallel to the professional level, so the second day of the game only begins on Thursday. Of the four teams that are in action today, no club was able to win the opening game. Accordingly, there is already some pressure on Thursday afternoon!