San Martín - University soccer bet

San Martín – University Soccer Bet of the Day

San Martín is the leader of the group with a team of many young people, however he is one of the few teams that develop his idea of a game clearly. Two consecutive victories are those that have taken them to the top of the table, both with the necessary amount of goals that allow us to guess the prognosis. 4 to 0 and 2 to 1.

On the other hand the U is a sea of doubts, a team that can not hire players for their past debts and could not retain several players last year. He is favorite because he is a big team and at any moment he can achieve a victory and more against a very young team like San Martín, but for the first two dates shown, a favoritism from Universitario is not possible.

Before the doubt of a victory Santa against University, I think that the goals is a good option, first because it is played in the National and then the U is local.

Second because the stadium lends itself to always see good games like the Melgar 3 – Municipal 1 on the first date.

And third because there are still defensive failures in both sets, although the Saints have managed to handle it better.

I worry about the lack of forwards in the U, but before UTC, if they generated some clear goal options, that the rival goalkeeper stopped them.

It should be an entertaining encounter, with the freshness of the youth of San Martin and the need to achieve a victory of the Creams.

Prediction Today: over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.9