Serbia - Chile Betting Prediction

Serbia – Chile Soccer Prediction for Today

It will be played in Merkur-Arena, Austria … the Chilean national team played in this country the last game against Romania losing 3-2, partly because of the “silly expulsion” of Nicolás Castillo at minute 30 and they were already losing 1-0 … After he apologized to his companions, he no longer had case the damage was done. His teammates could turn the score in the second half, however the Romanians with numerical advantage won the game.

Chile in this friendly past were almost pure players who play in the Mexican league as historical data, could be called “Chileans mx”, they played well and want to win a position, however without a World Cup they want their vacations and watch it on television.

On the other hand, Serbia classified the World Cup well by convincing them with their style of play and I liked the way they beat the green eagles strong team, the score was 2-0 but it could easily be 4 … the only negative result was against Morocco.

Being a Chilean team without their star players, those who had us used to be a great team, despite making a fool of themselves in not going to the World Cup, the Serbs believe they can take the win or at least rescue a draw.

Prediction of the Day: Serbia 0, Asian handicap
Odds: 1.69