Sagadam vs FC Nebitci Betting Odds and Predictions

Sagadam vs FC Nebitci Betting Odds and Predictions

Sagadam Turkmenbashi receives Nebitci Balkan for the second leg

Sagadam Turkmenbashi will receive Nebitci Balkan on Matchday 9 in Turkmenistan. This game will kick off on May 18, 2020. It is already a second leg because Nebitci won 1-0 at home. It has not been common for Nebitci Balkan to play a game against Sagadam. Both first division teams have already played 8 match days in Turkmenistan’s strongest football league. Sagadam is currently in 3rd place with 12 points and Nebitci with 6 points in 6th and third-last place in the table.

Can Sagadam Turkmenbashi win the second leg against Nebitci Balkan?

Sagadam Turkmenbashi has so far delivered an average performance. Out of 8 games in the strongest football league in Turkmenistan, they won 3 and made 3 draws. They surrendered twice. They only scored 5 times and had as many hits. They are currently the third best home team. Only 4 games were applied at home. They have not yet lost a single game against a home backdrop, but won 2 and contented themselves with 2 draws. 3 goals were possible and they had to concede 1 goal. There was no real sense of achievement away, except maybe that they decided 1 out of 4 games and lost 2 times, so 2 draws were won. Nevertheless, the goal balance of 2: 4 is anything but positive. After all, they suffered the last defeat 4 days ago and since then have won 3 games and most recently caused a 1-1 draw against FC Asgabat.

The fact is that Sagadam is one of the most successful teams in Turkmenistan, because in 2019 they ended up in 3rd place with 52 points, allowing them to concede the second few goals. They were able to score the third most goals. They also provided the third best home team. They lost only 2 games at home and were satisfied with a draw 3 times. 9 games were won. In these 14 games, they scored 20 times and only allowed 10 points. Away they were the second strongest. However, only 6 wins and 4 draws were possible. They surrendered four times, but were able to ensure a goal balance of 21:15. The course is set for victory.

Can Nebitci Balkan win the second leg against Sagadam Turkmenbashi?

Nebitci Balkan will probably not be satisfied with his performance so far, because they decided only 2 out of 8 games in 2020 and had to surrender 6 times. In addition, they only scored 6 times, which is 1 goal more than Sagadam, but they allowed 14 points. Away, the balance reads even sadder, because they have lost all 4 away games so far, scored only 2 goals and allowed 10 goals. At least 2 victories and 4 goals were possible in front of the home crowd. However, they suffered 2 losses and 4 goals.

In 2019, Nebitci Balkan was also left behind, as they ended last season in 7th and penultimate place in the table. They were only able to score 27 points. With 26 goals in 28 match days, they were also the second weakest team in the final. After all, they did not allow most goals to be conceded, with only 3 teams conceding more goals. In 2019, they also provided the second weakest away team and the fifth best home team. We are excited to see whether they can celebrate their very first away win against Sagadam in 2020.

Key facts about Sagadam vs FC Nebitci


Have won against Nebitci more often
Not had to suffer a single defeat at home in 2020
Have the stronger squad

FC Nebitci Balkans

Have already won the first leg
Couldn’t win a game away in 2020
Last time away against Sagadam in 2016

Sagadam vs Nebitci Direct Comparison

Nebitci won only 4 times against Sagadam and 9 times the team from Turkmenbashi decided the duels. 4 games ended in a draw, with the last draw being achieved on April 27, 2019. Sagadam’s last home game against Balkans ended with a 2-1 victory for Sagadam and the penultimate one with a 1-1. 9 times only in 17 games over 2.5 goals were scored and in 9 only 1 team scored. In the last 3 games in Turkmenbashi both teams always came to a conclusion.

Sagadam vs Nebitci Odds Comparison

Betting Predictions: Sagadam
Betting Odds: 1.32
Betting Prediction: Draw
Betting Odds: 4.35
Betting Prediction: Nebitci
Betting Ods: 7.75

Sagadam vs Nebitci Betting Odds and Predictions

After the shape analysis, we are more convinced that Sagadam will win and therefore recommend a Sagadam. However, it is advisable to compare the odds, because the odds are rather divergent in this winning bet.

Betting Predictions: Sagadam
Betting Odds: 1.32