Real Madrid vs Liverpool Champions League

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Champions League Prediction

All arranged in Ukraine to see the 13th. It was seen coming from the eighth when Madrid won 3-1 to psg in the first leg, at least I saw it that way. I said there was only one man and one team capable of avoiding the white triumph … but they shit their pants in Rome making a historical ridiculous.

Despite the troubles before Juve and Bayern, do not be fooled. If Madrid had needed to score a goal, he would have done it. Do not doubt it. I will finish one more season and I will still not know what Madrid is playing. I honestly say it. Well, I know what he plays: to win. Is that Neymar was injured in the heat of the tie against Madrid, is that the penalty to Lucas, is that the hand of Marcelo, the failures of the Bayern face to goal, is that Keylor stops … Do not look for excuses …. As Anthony Blake said: do not give it more laps … everything has been the product of your imagination. The reality is that Madrid wins in champions and period.

The finals are not played. You win. And there the madrid is the teacher. So head, I think that Madrid has played like 15 championship finals … has won 12. The last one lost it precisely to Liverpool, back there for the year 81. I’ve never seen losing a final of champions al madrid. And I imagine that all those who are reading me, either. The other two he asked for in the 60s, when something had to be left to others

The Liverpool … Well, we have to congratulate Klopp and his family. Very great season of champions the one that has played. For nothing the team has disarmed with the march of coutinho … has three players up that are pure poison. Mané, firminho and salah, there is nothing …. But it has nothing else. The defensive structure is scary to see it. Roma has scored 6 goals !!! in the semifinal. He has no level to play a champions final, and less against Madrid.

You can not win a final at Madrid simply with three good players up. Madrid already got four, for example, to the best defense of Europe last year, the juve. And he did it without disheveled.

For Liverpool to win this game you need to score many, but many goals.

And that’s it. There is no need to go around, in my opinion. Do not study tactics, do not wait if there may be someone injured who loses the final … all this is secondary when Madrid plays in champions. There is no logic. The logic is that it will give you hair, as long as you do not have messi and yours in front of you.

Because do not believe this in getting rid of praise to madrid. For me, a team that wins the champions and having made a fool of itself both in league and cup and practically throughout the year, is not the best team in the world. The madrid at the beginning of the season and coming after last season as he came, should have won everything, but it has been shown that it is not a regular team, therefore, Madrid is focused on champions who only need to win 2-3 somewhat difficult matches and a little more.
And the truth is that there … is the best.

Prediction of the Day: R. Madrid -0.75, Asian handicap
Odds: 2.66