Usually they have somewhat limited plans and usually finish Serie A in the second half of the league table, sometimes with their hearts in their hands.

This year will surely keep up in Serie A, as there are teams much weaker than this Bologna in this edition of Serie A.

In addition Bologna is in 11th place in Serie A and to hold an interesting championship considering what their goals are. This team has proved to be more dangerous away from home than at home.

At home they have to take over the game and the team dismounts themselves a little and loses their scoring image which is to play more tightly in low block and explore transitions.

Juventus have easily beaten Serie A, but this year things are much more balanced. Naples and Inter seem to be rivals to the pitch, not forgetting Lazio and Rome who may also have a say.

Juventus also does not look as regular as in previous years. Still, the team is in good shape and has been playing well. They won in Naples 1-0, then went on to win in Greece for the Champions League and confirm their move to the Round of 16.

Finally they received and drew 0-0 with Inter, but in a one-way meeting in which the Italian champions were clearly superior. This is 3-point game, especially when your opponents have complicated matches.
Prediction Bologna vs Juventus:


Juventus is clearly superior to this Bologna and I am fully confident that they will leave this match with the 3 points conquered.

The Italian team is good, they have been playing well in the last matches and this Bologna that likes to play in low blocks will not be able to withstand the pressure that Juve will exercise from an early age.

Higuain, Dybala, Cuadrado, Mandzukic, Dougls Costa and company, are many solutions to pierce the wall of the home team that sooner or later will end up suffering.

I see Juventus win in a major move where they can take advantage of some direct opponents, especially the Naples that will play away from home in Torino.