This Friday, January 12, 2018 there will be a match between two of the best squads of the Bundesliga in the BayArena of Leverkusen, when Bayer Leverkusen receives the pointer, Bayern München in a duel valid for day 18 of the German championship and that promises us many emotions after the winter strike.
To begin with the analysis, it is important to mention that from 2012 to date, the whole of Munich remains the best performing team in the Bundesliga, which, for obvious reasons, places it as a favorite to win the match against those of Leverkusen, however, in the performance that both teams present in their last 10 matches is quite similar, being two of the best teams in Germany in conjunction with Borussia Mönchengladbach.
Regarding the bets for this game, I return the odds offered by Bet365, which are paid in the following way:

– Bayer Leverkusen: 4.33
– Draw: 3.75
– FC Bayern München: 1.75

In this way, we can observe what we have already deduced before, the set with the best performance is the favorite, however, the 1.75 quota does not represent a percentage higher than 60% probability, so the betting house and the psychology of the mass of bettors does not expect a simple game for the Bavarians, because in front of Leverkusen has the urgent need to add at home to continue fighting for posts that accredit the UEFA Champions League and in case of a miracle, fight for the Bundesliga that is being dominated with tranquility by his rival in turn. For this specific match, we have to remember that some of the Bayern München figures traveled to Qatar for their friendly against Al Ahli, so they have some wear and tear from the trip and the half time they were able to play, while Leverkusen had two friendly matches during the winter strike against rivals of the same Germany and did it at home, so this point favors Leverkusen in a slight way.
Within the statistical analysis I have made, I obtained the following percentages of probability for this meeting:

– Bayer Leverkusen: 32.03%
– Draw: 26.77%
– FC Bayern München: 41.20%

The above reflects that although we also place Bayern as the favorite to take the victory, it is not such a wide advantage over the probability that Leverkusen has, so for this game, we expect a closed match with few options in the frames, so the option to which I am inclined is a draw, with a 3.75 odds in Bet365, being a pick that is in accordance with everything that has been mentioned in the previous analysis.
I wish you much success in your bets and we will have to wait until January 12 to see the return of football to Germany with this great duel. Greetings to all.
Prediction Today: Draw (X)
Odds: 3.75