Champions League PAOK vs Benfica

Champions League PAOK vs Benfica

We have already gone! Bye bye 40 Million how can Benfica qualify for the Champions League group stage if the draw dictated “our dear” Felix Brych as referee?

Oh, and if we mark it comes from there Ivan Savvidis with pistol in hand, ready to fire on any “popping poppy”.

The reality is that Benfica need to ensure the qualification for the regular phase of the test as bread to the mouth.

It’s simply too much money to waste. In addition, Benfica are ranked 15th in the UEFA rankings, while PAOK is ranked 49th.

The game in the Light reflected this positioning. Only Pizzi would have scored three goals and the tie would be 70% resolved. Do not.
Benfica pressed, created opportunities and wasted enough. The PAOK, created much less, finished less and finished scoring, complicated all accounts.


PAOK never managed to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. In the 2016/17 season he was eliminated by Ajax in the 3rd qualifying round after drawing 1 goal in Amsterdam and losing to Thessaloniki by 2 × 1 (will be an omen?).

But watch out, this season has left behind teams like Basel and Spartak Moscow, not having lost any of the games – rather, PAOK has not lost any official games this season.

Against Basel and Spartak Moscow, PAOK scored 8 and conceded only 3. In the 4 games played, 3 had more than 2.5 goals.

On Saturday, at the start of the Greek championship, won the home Asteras by 1 × 0, in goal scored on a penalty kick.

In addition to this we must take into account the news coming from Greece and which account for the contractual renewal of the coach and the inexistence of casualties for this game.


Benfica have everything at stake in this challenge. The campaign in the Champions League last season was not up to what was expected and can only get worse if they stay out of the competition this season.

The National Championship of last season was lost to Porto and the consequence is these preliminary games of access to the draw of groups. Plus, 40 million is a lot of money and Benfica can not afford to lose them.

In Luz, Benfica was wasteful, wasting innumerable chances of goal (and no, it was not the Paschalakis that defended everything).

And whoever does not mark, suffers. They remain unavailable, for the move to Greece, Salvio, Jonas and Castillo.

Benfica have been well at the start of the season and Saturday, in Luz they managed to draw with Sporting after losing.

Free Betting Tips PAOK vs Benfica

PAOK has no interest in having possession of the ball or the initiative of the game and Benfica deals well with it. You deal poorly with pressure and this game is loaded with pressure.

Benfica will control the game from the first minute and we will have midfield shots, centers from the left flank, but we will also have a few goals (2 to 3), very difficult to put the ball in the nets. When you enter the first, the rest follow each other.

Betting Tips: Over 2,25 Goals
Odds: 1.67