Palmeiras – Junior of Barranquilla Betting Prediction 17/05/2018

Palmeiras – Junior of Barranquilla Betting Prediction 17/05/2018

Today’s Soccer Prediction Palmeiras – Junior of Barranquilla

Starting with the Brazilian team, which comes from losing its classic more
important for the home league against Corithians 1-0 in condition of
visitor, we know that it was a game of great wear since they wanted
Take home the 3 points. At the end of the game, your coach
Roger Machado affirmed that he will not use all his titular payroll for the
meeting for the last group stage date by Copa Libertadores
due to the same wear suffered in the game already mentioned by the
A series.

On the other hand, Junior de Barranquilla comes from losing 1-0 in the quarterfinals
end of the local lease against Independiente Medellín by the League
Águila – 2018-I, in a match where they maintained great possession of the
ball, however, could not pass the defensive wall that its
rival raised, you could say that they are already almost eliminated from
this competition since his rival is strong at home and managed to get them out
a valuable victory despite the great wear and tear on the game
in the South American Cup that they played this week against the Sun of America,
with a court in terrible conditions and one night spent by rain.

With the above, one could say that Junior de Barranquilla is played
his semester in liberators and is bound to win a visit in front of
a difficult Palmeiras, however, the Brazilian club as already
previously reported will not play with all his titular roster, and, despite
of any result will be first in your group; the amount of
points is not currently as important as in previous editions of the
continental tournament as the first 8 are raffled against the last
8 to define the keys to the Eighths of Final, for that reason
expect physical reserve from your coaching staff for this
In addition, they know that if they win, Junior de Barranquilla would be
Directly eliminating Boca Juniors, a cupbearer rival and always
difficult in later rounds of the Libertadores.

Prediction Today: Junior of Barranquilla, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 3.25

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