Münster vs. Kaiserslautern Betting Tips

The 22nd round of the 3rd League will be opened on Friday evening in the Prussian Stadium: The SC Prussia 06 Münster receives the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. The Prussians have been waiting for a victory for five league games. On Saturday, Münster was able to get the first point after four defeats in a row with the 0-0 at Carl Zeiss Jena. After the 16th matchday Münster was still on the second place in the table. In addition, the club had to accept after the last matchday the message that head coach Marco Antwerpen will not renew his end of the season expiring contract.

Football Betting Tips Münster vs. Kaiserslautern

Since December 2018, 1. FC Kaiserslautern has been coached by Sascha Hildmann. Hildmann was the successor of Michael Frontzek, who was released after the 0: 5 at the SpVgg Unterhaching on the 17th matchday. Before the new coach took over the team, the Palatine were with 21 points in twelfth place. In four games under Hildmann there were two wins for the Red Devils, a draw and a defeat. FCK is currently ranked eighth with 28 points. On Saturday succeeded with 2: 0 against Sonnenhof Großaspach the first home win for over three months. Now the Kaiserslautern want to continue their recovery. At the game Münster vs.. Kaiserslautern, however, see the odds ahead of the hosts. The betting base anticipates in its preliminary report that the upswing in the Palatinate continues and continues in the third division game Münster. Kaiserslautern their tip on “Victory Kaiserslautern”.

Münster – Statistics & Current Form

The SC Preußen Münster wanted to start with a victory in the year 2019 and on the one hand to end the negative series on the other hand set a scores. In the away game in Jena, coach Antwerp put six new players in the starting eleven in comparison to their last match of 2018. In fact, the guests came into play better and had the first chances. As Jena gradually became stronger, it was 0-0 after a frisky first half. The second round was much less entertaining due to many duels and piecemeal. Only in added time Münster had the big chance of the winner, but Heidemann with a shot at the left post but forgave. So it remained at the end at 0: 0. Thus, the SCP has been waiting five games for a win and four league games on a goal. In the 76th minute midfielder René Klingenburg had to be replaced with a knee injury and is now several weeks off. He should be replaced by Lautern, as on Saturday, by Kobylanski.
In addition to the injury of Klingenburg the club had to cope after the game against Jena a second bad news: Coach Marco Antwerp leaves the club together with his assistant coach Kurtulus Öztürk after the current season. Already in recent months, there had been disagreements between the coach and the manager Sport Malte Metzelder. The club had delayed the extension of the expiring contracts of the two sports officials until the last. Antwerp took over in December 2017, the coaching staff at the Prussians and led the relegation-threatened Münsteraner in the end still in tenth place. This season, the SC has 30 points after 21 games and is in seventh place. Rank two and three are nine points away. The lead on the relegation zone is eight points. After the 16th matchday Münster was still on the second place and dreamed of promotion. The coach had also declared at the end of November that the club had the right to play at the top. In 43 competitive games with Marco Antwerp, Preußen Münster collected 70 points.

Expected formation of Münster:
Schulze Niehues – Kittner, Braun, Scherder – Menig, Rodrigues Pires, Kobylanski, Heidemann – Dadashov – Akono, Hoffmann

Last matches of Munster:

  • 26.01.2019 – Jena Vs. Münster 0: 0 (3rd league)
  • 19.01.2019 – Münster vs. Germany Fortuna Köln 1: 1 (friendly)
  • 11.01.2019 – Leverkusen Vs. Münster 4: 2 (Friendly Match)
  • 22.12.2018 – Münster vs. Germany Fortuna Köln 0: 2 (3rd league)
  • 15.12.2018 – Münster vs. Germany Zwickau 0: 2 (3rd league)

Kaiserslautern – Statistics & Current Form

The winter break in the Palatinate was marked by important changes. In order to optimize the last weak offensive play, coach Sascha Hildmann had to rehearse the 3-4-3 system in play-free time. In the first game of the year 2019 at home against Sonnenhof Großaspach the handwriting of the coach was already recognizable. The Red Devils were the game-determining team, played clearly straight and showed more train to the goal. Although the chances utilization was still much in need of improvement, the FCK could win the game at the end 2-0. This ended for Kaiserslautern a negative series in which you scored in three home games and scored only two points. For Jan Löhmannsröben the victory was the “prelude to the reparation tour 2019”.
Coach Hildmann was also satisfied with his team. From the beginning we saw who wanted to win the game. His team has gone to great lengths, with many duels and good scenes. The coach also promoted the only 20-year-old Lennart Grill to the new first-choice goalkeeper. In his professional debut, the junior goalkeeper was able to play equal to zero. However, the defense of the Palatine was hardly seriously examined by the weakest offensive in the league. The new three-string harmonized well. Defensive boss Kevin Kraus, however, had knee complaints from the field. After a meniscus crush the use of Kraus in Münster is questionable. For left-back star Sternberg can be used again after his suspension.

Expected formation of Kaiserslautern:
Grill – Sternberg, Sickinger, Hainault – Schad, Löhmannsröben, miner, Pick – Hemlein, Thiele, cold weather

Last matches from Kaiserslautern:

  • 26.01.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs. Germany Sonnenhof Großaspach 2: 0 (3rd league)
  • 22.01.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs. Germany FC 08 Homburg 3: 0 (friendly)
  • 17.01.2019 – Kaiserslautern Vs. Shanghai Shenhua 1-0 (friendly)
  • 14.01.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs. Germany Szekesfehervar Videoton 0: 2 (Friendly Match)
  • 22.12.2018 – 1860 Munich vs. Germany Kaiserslautern 2: 1 (3rd league)

Münster vs. Kaiserslautern Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

So far there were four duels between Münster and Kaiserslautern. The direct comparison speaks to two victories, a draw and a defeat for the Prussians. However, three of the four games between SCP and FCK took place between 1951 and 1964. The only game that compares to Münster vs. Kaiserslautern is relevant for a prediction, was the clash in the preliminary round. At that time, Münster added the first home defeat in the 3rd league on Matchday 3 with the 2: 1 to the Palatine.

Münster vs Kaiserslautern Betting Tips Provided by our Experts Tipsters

Preußen Münster finally wants to end the negative series. After four defeats in series, the Antwerp-Elf could at least get a point in Jena. The announcement by the coach that he will leave the club after the end of this season, brings certainly no additional tailwind for the anyway unsettled Münster with him. The first FCK, however, bear the changes of Coach Hildmann first fruits. With the victory against Großaspach the team set a first positive signal. If the “catching up” really should continue, the Red Devils must increase further. Against stronger opponents than Großaspach, the negligent chance exploitation of the Palatine should be punished. From the first leg, the Palatine still have a bill open and want revenge for the home defeat.

Key facts – Münster vs. Kaiserslautern tips

Münster has been waiting for a win for five games and only scored one point
The FCK took under Hildmann seven out of twelve possible points
The Prussians won the first leg 2-1

In the Pfälzern you can see under coach Hildmann and after the winter break quite an upward trend. Münster is in contrast since the 17th matchday in a negative spiral, from which one has not found a way out yet. The announcement by Coach Antwerp that he will leave the club after the season certainly did not help. We believe that the series of the Prussians has not come to an end and even trusts the guests to victory. Thus, we set in the game Münster vs.. Kaiserslautern our tip for strong odds on “Victory Kaiserslautern”. The quotes amount to 3.10 in the top, so we risk two units of action.

Alternatively promises in the game Münster vs.. Kaiserslautern also a forecast on “Under 2.5 goals” success. FCK have scored just five goals in their last eight league games. The Prussians have been waiting since the 17th matchday for a goal.

Betting Tips: 2
Odds: 3.10