Millionaires – Independent Betting Prediction 18/05/2018

Millionaires – Independent Betting Prediction 18/05/2018

Millionaires – Independent Soccer Prediction of the Day

Millionaires and Independiente face each other by the last date of the group stage of the liberators cup in Colombian territory.
Starting with the Argentine team, which is in the upper-middle part of the local rent chart, it can be said that it has not yet managed to convince and has had ups and downs although it is not far from the top positions.
On the other hand, the Colombian club, which was eliminated from their local tournament, must save the semester in the Copa Libertadores, although not everything depends on them. To qualify for the next phase you must win and hope that Deportivo Lara will not win, however, due to their poor results in the Liga Águila 2018-I, the current Colombian champion is obliged to get a quota to Octavos de liberadores, or, in the worst case, Copa Sudamericana, for which he must likewise draw the three points against Independiente de Avellaneda.

The Colombian team favors playing local, their court, their people and that their city is at 2,700 meters, which is an important factor in the wear of players who are not used, another point in favor they have is that they do not play 10 days ago, they have had recovery time and they are concentrated only in this game, they do not have suspended or injured players, which is a point in favor for a group that has been known and has been playing together for more than a year.

Prediction of the Day: Win Millionaires [1], 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 2.4

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