Manchester City - Liverpool Champions League

Manchester City – Liverpool Champions League

Match of return of quarterfinals of the Champions (gone 3-0 in favor of Liverpool).
Well let’s get on the car of goals for tonight.
The City is very difficult, but not at all impossible (3 goals in 90 minutes is not unreasonable, you can always pass in the 30 ‘overtime extra or on penalties). Guardiola will go out with everything and everything, looking for a goal before the break, that makes him believe both his own and those of Liverpool. Not in vain, the reds can not boast a lot of good defense or defensive framework, since of visitors in premier fit a goal and a half per game (a lot for a third classified). And it is not the same to defend at home the second 45 ‘with the moral x the clouds after scoring 3 goals and with all your audience delivered, that you see now a gale of football and chances against the pressure of the public, and knowing that they have a lot to lose (the pass has almost won and to be eliminated now if it would be a very hard suit).
Anyway, Liverpool’s most lethal weapon, which is the counter, will certainly give them several chances, even more if the City scores a goal, in which case they neglected even more the defensive section to see the classification closer.
Despite the fact that only in 2 of their last 6 direct matches did the both score, today I see this fact very feasible both for the type of football that these teams practice today, as well as for the goal needs and not speculate of any ( if Liverpool scores, the City would have to score 5 goals, which could almost sentence the tie).

Prediction of the Day: YES, both teams to score
Odds: 1.61