Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2 Betting Predictions

Before the season in the Regionalliga Nordost officially opens next Friday, Lok Leipzig can already hope for the first title win. The speech here is not necessarily of the championship in the fourth highest league, but in awarding the prize for the best German football book 2019th The 500-page tome with the name “125 Years – From VfB to 1 FC Lokomotive Leipzig. The History of the First German Master “is one of the nominees who could be awarded in October in Nuremberg. The title of the book underpins the great tradition that the club from the district of Leipzig Probstheida can come up with. In the northeast squadron of the Regionalliga, the central citizens are definitely among the most prominent clubs, which does not make them automatically the top favorite on the rise. Instead, the team of coach Bjrön Joppe has set the goal to perform better than last year, where after a strong second half after all, the sixth place jumped out.

Today’s Betting Prediction Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2

At the start it will do Lok Leipzig with Hertha 2. According to the betting odds, the hosts prefer to play in this match, although the second division of the Bundesliga should not be underestimated. After fourth place last season, however, the Youngsters of the “Old Lady” has undergone a change. Among other things, sitting with Andreas “Zecke” Neuendorf a new coach on the bench, which is to replace the A-team ascended Ante Covic. A tabular target is typically not issued in the capital. The priority is to develop the talents and introduce them to the professional sector. Consequently, it is also difficult to make a reliable prediction before the duel Lok Leipzig against Hertha 2, because despite an intensive preparation many questions remain open.

Lok Leipzig – Statistics & Current Form

The 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig starts on Friday evening in its fourth overall league year in a row. The past three seasons have been relatively quiet. The tenth place in the premiere year (2016/2017) was followed by two sixth places in the seasons 17/18 and 18/19. In order to make a step towards the regional league top, Wolfgang Wolf, an experienced ex-professional, was signed in early June. On the one hand, he wanted to make his contacts in the scene and, on the other hand, he wanted to advance the professionalization in Probstheida. The now 61-year-old, who was once active as a coach of VfL Wolfsburg or 1. FC Nuremberg in the Bundesliga, was officially presented as sports director. However, it can not be ruled out that Wolf represents a strong opinion in terms of formation or training. On the other hand, what on the one hand entails many risks due to the overlapping of competencies can, on the other hand, ultimately prove to be a big plus for the long-established traditional club, which has repeatedly come up under a new name.

In terms of transfer, it seems that Wolfgang Wolf has already successfully introduced his existing network. Players such as Leon Heynke (Magdeburg) or Mvibudulu (Großaspach) have already gained third-league experience and should give the squad more individual quality. In addition, there are fewer creative newcomers from other regional leagues, who have also been able to prove their class. Because, moreover, hardly any top performers have been made, we are confident that the central citizens have strengthened the bottom line.

In the preparatory games Lok had big problems, but this can be explained by the fact that the team of coach Björn Joppe came almost exclusively against higher-class teams used. To what extent defeats against Zwickau (0: 2), Halle (0: 4), Viktoria Köln (0: 5) or Erzgebirge Aue (1: 3) now provide information about the current performance, can not be clarified.

The fact is that the team under Joppe, who has only been in office since mid-December and is officially led only as a team boss due to the lack of license, has made a big step forward. In the second half of the season, the yellow-blue from 17 games made a solid 28 points (eight wins, four draws, five defeats) and improved from eighth to sixth in the ranking.

“The preparation is very intense and all players are pulling along properly. What unfortunately runs like a red thread through the preparation, are our injured and battered players. ” – Coach Bjorn Joppa

Among other things, the Leipzig defeated in front of home scenery the future champion Chemnitz (4: 2) and also the second team of the Berlin Hertha (4: 1) clearly. Exactly this tendency from the second half of the preseason in conjunction with the good transfers are reasons for us, before the game Lok Leipzig against Hertha 2 give a tip to the home side.

Only the staffing situation is a bit tense, since Benjamin Kirsten, Nicky Adler and Matthias Steinborn, who are actually scheduled to serve as keykeepers, will be potential key players. The aforementioned new signing Leon Heynke must also serve a red card suspension from his Magdeburg past. The hopes rest thus mainly on the shoulders of Mvibudulu (attack) and the veteran pepper (midfield) and captain Zickert (defense).

Expected lineup of Locomotiv Leipzig:
➤ Kycek – Pannier, Zickert, Urban, Berger – Schinke, Salewski, pepper, Soyak – Schulze, Mvibudulu
➤ Coach: Joppa

Last matches of Lok Leipzig:

⚽️ 20.07.2019 – Locomotive Leipzig vs. Wuppertal SV 1: 3 (friendly)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Locomotive Leipzig vs Zwickau 0: 2 (friendly match)
⚽️ Jul 11 ​​,1919 – Askania Bernburg vs. Lokomotiv Leipzig 0: 6 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 03.07.2019 – Halle vs. Lokomotiv Leipzig 4: 0 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 28.06.2019 – Locomotive Leipzig vs. FC Viktoria Köln 0: 5 (Friendly Match)

Hertha 2 – Statistics & Current Form

In the Bundesliga, Hertha from Berlin has been one of the typical “gray mice” for many years. From time to time, the captains could qualify for the European Cup, but in other years, the “Old Lady” fought longer for the league than expected. Recently, the blue-whites tended to be in the middle of the table. However, one thing that must be borne in mind for the BSClern is the good education in the junior sector, which bears fruit on a regular basis. Logically, this also benefits the second team, which was already a springboard for many new pros in the Regionalliga Nordost.

Similarly, it is not only on the player side, but also with the coaches. Both Pal Dardai and his successor Ante Covic were coaches with stable smell, who earned their first laurels either at the reserve or at the juniors of the Berliners. Because the German Croat Covic will lead the Bundesliga team chiefly in the coming year, a vacancy arose among the “amateurs”, which, however, could quickly be filled by another Hertha legend. Andreas “Zecke” Neuendorf is the name of the new tutor of the second team, who will start exactly where Covic left off in 2018/2019.

The fourth place after 34 matchdays meant namely the best placement of the Hertha reserve since the resurgence of the league in 2011/2012. With 16 wins, nine draws and just as many defeats, the second division of the Erstligisten had to let only the overpowering Chemnitzern and the more ambitious teams from Nordhausen and from the Berlin AK the precedence.

However, those who expect a similarly positive performance in the upcoming season should bear in mind that the blue and white players have lost some players. Top performers such as Nils Blumberg (Chemnitz), Florian Eger (Meppen) or Anthony Rozcen (Magdeburg), for example, have left the club to try a league higher their luck. In addition, it is currently not clear which sorted out youngsters from the professional squad will be binding in the Regionalliga used.

“We want to stay in the league and play good football. It is in the foreground that we install many young players and bring them to the men’s area. ” – Zecke Neuendorf

Since the majority of Berliners are currently in training camps, only Dennis Jastrzembski and Palko Dardai are currently eligible for Friday, as they had to stay in the capital and may still be awarded. However, we do not believe that those responsible take the risk of injury in two willing to change (in the form of a loan).

Thus, the second team is on its own, including many players from the A-youth, to lay a successful start. We are skeptical whether this will succeed in front of a certainly great backdrop in the Bruno-Plache-Stadion and therefore speculate before the game Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2 on the odds for the tip on the home win.

Expected formation of Hertha 2:
➤ Smarsch – Fox, Baak, Ernesto, Koulis – Cancer, Gayret, Storm – Pfeiffer, Kiprit, Ngankam
➤ Coach: Neuendorf

Last matches of Hertha 2:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Hertha 2 vs. Tennis Borussia Berlin 2: 0 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 10.07.2019 – Hertha 2 vs. HSV 2 0: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.07.2019 – Hertha 2 vs. Torgelower SV Greif 2: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 18.06.2019 – Hertha 2 vs. Einheit Bernau 9: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 18.05.2019 – FSV Optics Rathenow vs. Hertha 2 2: 2 (Regionalliga)

Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2 Direct Comparison

Somehow Locomotiv Leipzig Hertha 2 does not seem to lie. A prediction on the second team of the Bundesliga would have been crowned with success only in two out of ten duels in the Regionalliga Nordost. Instead, the “Loksche” won seven matches, two of them in the past season. Home kept the Messestädter with 4: 1 the upper hand. Away, the yellow-blue on the penultimate round also won 2-0. It was already the sixth win in a row for the traditional club against the youngsters of the “Old Lady”. Can this trend be continued on Friday night?

Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2 Football Betting Prediction Explained

The Regionalliga Nordost opens its doors on Friday evening. Judging by the odds, the benefits lie on the side of the house owners, who are a kind of fear opponents for the second representation of the “old lady”. The youngest six regional league duels could decide the Messestädter against the Berlin namely all for themselves and that although the blue and whites last year, for example, before the yellow-blue crossed the finish line in the final standings.

Key-Facts – Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2 tips

🔻 Lok Leipzig has strengthened well in the summer
🔻 Hertha 2 starts a new beginning with “Zecke” Neuendorf
🔻 The youngest six direct matches all went to the “Loksche”

In addition, coach Björn Joppe’s team has shown promise in the summer, while on the BSC side, some top performers have left the club to step up on their career ladder. The new coach Andreas “Zecke” Neuendorf is therefore facing a major challenge, especially since only in the course of the season players from the professional squad for the reserve are eligible. We therefore decide before the match Lok Leipzig vs Hertha 2 for a tip on the host and risk at odds in the area of ​​the doubling mark a stake of six units.

Betting Prediction: 1
Odds: 2.00