Español vs R. Madrid betting prediction

Today we present to our betting fans the Espanol vs Real Madrid betting prediction. Our team of expert tipster have reached a conclusion!

Espanol vs R. Madrid Betting Prediction

Start a new day in Spain. The Madrid arrives in good time of game and results. He scored goals right and left, and even Benzemá marks and has been scoring for several days. It must be a record for him.
Visit a friend field. The Spaniard of Barcelona, who plays in Cornellá, is a team that is hardly talked about in big news. We only talk about this team twice a year, or four with luck. And those are when you face the boat. The rest of the season goes unnoticed. And your minutes of glory have already passed. He will not play against the boat anymore.
Against Madrid, because we all know what happens. They put interest to him, although they do not play with the same intensity that against the culés. seem right. Everyone who does what they want .. but do not sell the bike. At least to me that they do not. In Spanish there are good professionals, I do not doubt it, but today it is not necessary to leave the soul, more than anything because they have nothing to do.

The Madrid arriving at the time they arrive, will be presented at the mini Bernabeu as some call it, with ambition and desire to catch the third place they have now, and tighten the athletic of Madrid.
The Spaniard of Barcelona, who plays in Cornellá, well little more than to say, that they have gone from more to less and already many energies were left in the cup and against the boat in league … and justices of strength arrive at the end of the championship. Just the reverse that the Madrid.

Betting PREDICTION for THIS SOCCER MATCH: Real Madrid -1.5,  Asian handicap
Odds: 2.26