Egypt - Uruguay World Cup

World Cup Prediction Egypt – Uruguay

Party where it would seem that Uruguay arrives as the big favorite, not only to win this game but also the group.

However, for those of us who know Uruguay for a lifetime we know that it is a team that usually wins in difficult games and loses in the easy ones.
Just remember what happened in the previous World Cup in Brazil, where Uruguay started debuting against a team a priori very easy, as was Costa Rica, and ended up losing by a 3 to 1 win.
And then, the most difficult matches of the group, against England and Italy I won and very well, giving the qualification to eighth.

Uruguay is very hard to get as a favorite to a game, and that will make you feel, is more, I think it may jeopardize the qualification to the second round, seeing how easy it would seem.

the group I see it fairly even, so I doubt very much that uruguay classifies easily, egypt will give a lot of fight, russia too and even arabia some surprise could give, although I do not think it will go to eighths.

There is another important factor and it is the one referring to the first match: Uruguay 48 years ago that fails to win a debut match in the World Cups, it always gets complicated, and here it might not be the exception.

Egypt, there is no doubt that he has Salah as the big star, but it is still unknown if he played the opening match
However, regardless of whether he plays or not, the pharaonic team hopes to surprise, knowing that he will play an accessible group and that he could get second place.

Prediction Today: 1X (Draw or win Egypt),  Double chance
Odds: : 2.43