Corona virus stops series A!

Corona virus stops series A!

Update: All series A runs up to and including April 3, 2020 will not take place.

Respirators sold out, the number of infections increases. The head of government criticizes the authorities and Serie A President Paolo Dal Pino has to write in writing to ask the government not to stop one of the most important professional leagues in football.

Corona virus stops series A!

The corona virus now clasps to China in Europe, northern Italy.

Since then, reports have been overflowing: the number of deaths in Italy is increasing, hundreds of people are infected with the virus. Life in cities is becoming more and more quiet and in the few supermarkets that are still open in the crisis regions, the queues in front of the supermarkets are getting longer.

Only ghost games on the 26th Serie A match day?

Even if football is probably the most unimportant topic in the current crisis, betting base wants to provide an update on the planned schedule in the Italian professional league. A total of four Serie A games were canceled last weekend. The stadium gates in Verona, Milan, Torino and Bergamo remained closed.

Premature game postponements suspected on matchday 26?

Individual odds comparisons had already marked the games of the upcoming match day as “postponed”. However, according to the latest reports, the affected games of match day 26 of Serie A will take place as ghost games. A final decision about this will only be made taking into account the developments of the coming days. Short-term game cancellations in Serie A due to the coronavirus are conceivable at any time.

It is also uncertain to what extent the individual clubs support the plans of the Serie A president. On the one hand, the revenue from viewers in the sometimes clammy cash registers is missing when the corona virus stops supporting the fans. Add to this the slightly declining chances of the home team without support from the ranks, so that some home clubs would rather support a complete game cancellation, especially since this also represents the least risk for the players.

Corona virus stops series A!

Napoli vs Barcelona not endangered despite Coronvirus escalation!

In addition, clubs like Lecce or Napoli will think little of collective ghost games from a sporting point of view, as the home venue is far away from the crisis regions. Ultimately, however, it should be clear that, given the scale of the coronavirus epidemic, all of these athletic mind games are of minor priority.

At least the home appearance of Naples against Barcelona in the round of 16 first leg is not endangered and can take place normally. However, since Napoli does not only have fans south of Rome, further spreading due to the arrival of individual fans from northern regions cannot be ruled out.

Barcelona’s coach Setien plays down the coronavirus theme in the run-up to the game. He was not worried about the guest appearance in Italy. Nevertheless, the usual corona virus tests were also carried out on the players of FC Barcelona. Safety first!

Another decision has already been made: Is Napoli a surprise?
Napoli vs Barcelona, ​​02/25/2020

Corona virus stops series A!

Inter Milan vs Ludogoretz takes place as a ghost game

In the Europa League, only the players’ tactical calls will echo through San Siro on Thursday evening. The Bulgarian visiting club recently announced that UEFA had informed them that spectators would not be admitted to the second leg. It is conceivable that Ludogoretz Rasgrad would otherwise not have traveled to Italy at all, especially since after the 0-2 in the first leg the chances of progressing close to zero are to be settled.

The table below gives an overview of the games that have already failed in the A series due to the corona virus!
Overview: Serie A game failures due to the corona virus

Batch of planned catch-up appointment

Hellas Verona vs. Cagliari – unknown
Torino FC vs. Parma – unknown
Atalanta Bergamo vs. Sassuolo – unknown
Inter Milan vs. Sampdoria – unknown