Colombia vs Chile Betting Predictions

Chile wins the Copa America for the third time in a row. This scenario is by no means excluded. The Chileans may have gotten old, but to get through to the quarter-finals in the playoffs, freshness and quality but definitely sufficient. First of all, you have to deal with the best team in the preliminary round.

Are the cafeteros holding the defending champion? Let’s find out together!

Colombia was the only team without a loss point through the group stage. That’s why you have to put the Colombians in this duel probably the favorite role. Such considerations by experts have never really interested La Roja because the warriors from Chile seem to be on a mission again.

Football Betting Prediction Colombia vs Chile

Colombia won in the preliminary round three wins from three games and was able to prevail, among others, against the co-favorites from Argentina. That is why the cafeteros have now been added to the narrower list of favorites for the title. In the quarter-finals between Colombia and Chile, the results in the group stage are probably a prediction for the cafeteros. But Chile is dangerous. Led by Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez and with the knowledge that this team has won the Copa America twice in very similar constellations, they will be confident in this encounter.

Especially in the knockout rounds La Roja is then very difficult to crack. In addition, the Chileans will now have run really hot again, after they have already taken a break and missed the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Maybe they will make a comeback. We can understand it, if you give a tip on the defending champion in the match between Colombia and Chile. By implication, this also means that anything is possible in this game.

The winner of the match will face the winner of the match between Uruguay and Peru in the semi-finals. These are not overpowering opponents, so this Copa is completely open and the outcome is uncertain.

Colombia vs Chile Betting PredictionsColombia – Statistics & Current Form

The Colombians have become more and more the secret favorites in the course of the tournament. Carlos Queiroz continues the successful work of Jose Pekerman and also sets new accents. That’s what makes the cafeteros so dangerous in this Copa. A look at the last games makes it clear that you have to reckon with the Colombians. Most recently, there were five consecutive victories in which Colombia did not concede a single goal. Defensively, the team of Carlos Queiroz is very strong and they also have an enormous individual class on offense.

The attackers are always able to score from nothing or with a single action. These are actually the ingredients to win the Copa America. This feat has been achieved only once in the cafeteros, namely in 2001 in their own country, where many stars and even the entire Argentine team have boycotted the tournament due to safety concerns. Now maybe the big hit could succeed against the assembled competition. What is certain is that it might make sense to look at the Colombia-Chile odds for a Colombian victory.

The cafeteros could afford to make various rotation-related changes in the Copa without weakening the team. Carlos Queiroz also makes it clear that in a tournament, a lot of things happen and the starting eleven in the opening match is rarely the team that plays in the further course of a tournament. Thus, the formation has also changed enormously in the last group match against Paraguay. Colombia was already through after two wins before anyway. However, Jefferson Lerma scored once again a 1-0 win in that match.

“We do not care who plays. If we want to win the Copa, we need 23 champions. ” – Carlos Queiroz

Carlos Queiroz defends his rotation and the results prove him right. He also lets him know that he needs 23 champions to win the Copa America. Therefore, we expect again some changes in the starting eleven against Chile. James Rodriguez is expected to start as well as Davinson Sanchez or Yerry Mina. However, there are even more options for the coach, all but Luis Muriel should have all players available.

Expected formation of Colombia:
➤ Ospina – Mina, Sanchez, Tesillo, Medina – Uribe, Cardona, Rodriguez – Cuadrado, D. Zapata, Falcao
➤ Coach: Queiroz

Last matches of Colombia:

⚽️ 23.06.2019 – Colombia Vs. Paraguay 1: 0 (Copa America)
⚽️ 19.06.2019 – Colombia Vs. Qatar 1: 0 (Copa America)
⚽️ 16.06.2019 – Argentina vs Colombia 0: 2 (Copa America)
⚽️ 09.06.2019 – Peru vs. Colombia 0: 3 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 04.06.2019 – Colombia Vs. Panama 3: 0 (friendly)

Colombia vs Chile Betting PredictionsChile – Statistics & Current Form

It will be a very special game for Reinaldo Rueda. The coach of the Chileans is a Colombian citizen and trained the cafeteros between 2004 and 2006. Now he will serve for the first time a team playing against his country. We’re sure there’ll be two hearts beating in his chest in the quarterfinals. Still, he will do anything to continue the mission title hat trick. This feat was previously only achieved by Argentina between 1945 and 1947. In modern times, this seemed unthinkable.

Now the Chileans are only three games away from this historic triumph. A defeat in the last five games is a record that can be quite positive in the quarter-finals, especially since this defeat in the last group match with a heavily modified team against Uruguay, after La Roja but was already qualified for the quarter-finals , Therefore, it would not be a sensation if we made a prediction on the defending champion in the game between Colombia and Chile.

For Uruguay, for example, Jean Beausejour, Mauricio Isla or Arturo Vidal were spared in the last game. The Urus, on the other hand, played almost full. Nevertheless, the Chileans were perhaps even the slightly better team. A draw would have been fine in any case. However, Uruguay scored the first goal ten minutes before the end. However, the defeat is not a broken leg and in the quarterfinals we will probably see again the true face of the Chileans.

“Colombia has a very mature team. They won all the games at the Copa. All players are under contract with important clubs. It’s going to be a great game. ” – Reinaldo Rueda

However, the respect is also very big. Of course, Reinaldo Rueda is a special connoisseur of Colombian football. He knows that La Roja will meet a very mature and high-quality opponent, but nevertheless looks forward to the match against his home country. As it looks, Chile will play in this match with the best team. Injury-related losses are not to be lamented. This means that the audience in Sao Paulo can get ready for a hot game.

Expected formation of Chile:
➤ Arias – Isla, Medel, Jara – Pulgar, Aranguiz, Hernandez, Vidal, Beausejour – Vargas, Sanchez
➤ Coach: Rueda

Last matches of Chile:

⚽️ 25.06.2019 – Chile vs. Uruguay 0: 1 (Copa America)
⚽️ 22.06.2019 – Ecuador Vs. Chile 1: 2 (Copa America)
⚽️ 18.06.2019 – Japan vs Chile 0: 4 (Copa America)
⚽️ 07.06.2019 – Chile vs. Haiti 2: 1 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 27.03.2019 – USA vs Chile 1: 1 (friendly)

Colombia vs Chile Direct Comparison

For the 40th time the teams from Colombia and Chile will now measure the forces. In a direct comparison, the Chileans are ahead with 15:10 wins and 14 draws. That does not just sound like a game at eye level, that’s one too. At the Copa Centenario three years ago, the Chileans prevailed in the semi-final against Colombia. Then there were only two games left in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. In Chile, there was a 1-1, before the return match in Colombia ended with a goalless draw.

Colombia vs Chile Our Football Betting Prediction Explained

Colombia are in good shape after a great preliminary round and three wins without conceding. Overall, the team Carlos Queiroz has even won five times in a row. This result makes the cafeteros a favorite in this quarter-final. But Chile is an opponent who is always capable of anything, both positive and negative. Therefore, we can also imagine that in the duel between Colombia and Chile a tip on the semi-final defeat of the defending champion place. After all, the Chileans have not lost in the World Cup qualifiers, the two games against Colombia. Therefore, we think it is possible that this duel will not be decided after 90 minutes.

Key Facts – Colombia vs Chile tips

🔻 Colombia have conceded five straight games without conceding.
🔻 The Chileans have lost in the last five games only against Uruguay in the meaningless last group match.
🔻 Chile coach Reinaldo Rueda is Colombian and playing for the first time against his homeland.

The Chileans have lost just one of the last five games and continue to be considered a nut that is not easy to crack. The Chileans have more experience in the knockout games at the Copa – maybe that’s the key point. We prefer the betting odds for the progress of the Chileans in the quarter-final between Colombia and Chile. These odds are likely to include the value of up to 2.40 in our opinion.

Betting Prediction: Chile
Odds: 2.40