Brisbane Olympic U20 Vs Queensland Lions U20 betting prediction

Brisbane Olympic U20 Vs Queensland Lions U20 Soccer Prediction

League match Queensland Sub 20 to start at 10.30 AM CET. They have spent 2 days only of this league and of them, as in almost every Australian league, you have to wait for defenses of gelatin, half invisible fields and attacks uncovered very often and especially in this particular league which I follow the track for 5 years, they fall 2 to 3 goals at halftime and from there until they get tired and (sometimes they fall down to 10 goals) …. They are other players, obviously, because of age in relation to years previous, but this Brisbane Olympic team is traditionally high offensive calling and I think it will easily overcome the line of 5 goals we require ….

Prediction of the Day: Over 3.5 – 4.0 Goals
Odds: 1.8