Brazil - Mexico World Cup Prediction

World Cup Prediction Brazil – Mexico

The truth that amazes me a lot that not many people have turned to the Mexican surprise, after seeing what was the group stage of both.
Brazil, is always a candidate to be champion, and if we rely on statistics and in this World Cup should win a South American, would be the one that would have more chances.
But the truth, that Brazil did not shine in the group stage, began with that draw against Switzerland, where the most positive was the first time in Brazil and then it stayed, and then, before Costa Rica it cost a lot to Brazil to win it, if It is true that the Ticos took refuge back, but still, we had to wait for the discounts to see Brazil win. And then, against Serbia I can not talk much because I did not see it.

And Mexico, if that has surprised in this world !. Although it is true that their last match was a bad one, where they were beaten by Sweden 3 to 0, we must not forget what they did in the first two games, beating the world champion and beating South Korea by 2 to 1.

Although the chance is low, I see it as probable, or at least, I see that the quota has value, because with an average quota of 8, the probability that betting houses give is around 12%, and it seems too low, not I see the Mexican national team with only 12% chance to win, I do not say that I see her as a favorite, nor above 50%, but not so low and hence the value of the quota.

Mexico can give the surprise, raise a game similar to how it did with Germany and there you can win it, even with a difference of one goal.
While they may think I’m crazy (I’m actually haha), I’ll bet on the Aztec surprise, which seems to be a team that grows bigger teams and lowers the level before the guys, something that seems to share with Uruguay.

Prediction Today: Mexico, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 8.61