Kaiserslautern vs Braunschweig Betting Predictions

Neither for the 1. FC Kaiserslautern nor for Eintracht Braunschweig the first round was particularly satisfactory. But at least in the new year 2019, the yield of both traditional clubs, both of which have already won the German championship, can be seen very well. If the Red Devils scored twelve points from the seven games in 2019 and have been undefeated for five games, then the BTSV has a series of four matches in a row without defeat to book. The yield under André Schubert in 2019 is already 14 points. Thus, the Lower Saxony not only scored two points on average, but in the last seven matches exactly the same number of counters as in the 20 encounters before, so that the lions could actually solve once again from the relegation places.

Kaiserslautern vs Braunschweig Betting Prediction of the Day

But Eintracht Braunschweig is still far from being saved. The distance to the first relegation place, which is currently occupied Energie Cottbus, is just a single point. All the more, the Lower Saxony are forced to refill the FCK. In Kaiserslautern against Braunschweig, the prediction for another point win under André Schubert alone is very good, because the Red Devils have to complain in their fulminant offensive equal to two painful failures. Because at Kaiserslautern against Braunschweig the odds for tip on the away win bring much value, this bet is basically nothing in the way. Nevertheless, a hedge should take place with the addition “Draw No Bet”. Finally, the Palatine also lost only one match in 2019.

Kaiserslautern – Statistics & Current Form

As before, the sporty at 1. FC Kaiserslautern can not outweigh the eternal financial worries. The fact is that the traditional club can hardly afford to play in the 3rd league. After the descent last summer, there is also a huge financial hole in the financial books, which is still not closed. The people in charge are currently still on time and hope that from somewhere comes a cash injection. In fact, the scenario that the Red Devils at the end of the season get the license for professional football and get lost in the regional league, not so unlikely. All the more impressive is how the athletic department around coach Sascha Hildmann and his pros deals with this uncertainty and brings the performance to the pitch week by week. Most recently Carl Zeiss Jena was shot 4: 1 from Betzenberg on Sunday.

“The guys from the bank worked right away. Now comes an English week, injured players. You need them all. “ – Sascha Hildmann at bild.de

Nevertheless bitter: The Goalgetter the Red Devil, Christian Kühlwetter, saw his fifth yellow card and will not be able to go hunting for goals against Eintracht Braunschweig as storm colleague Toni Jonjic. Both of them were involved in three goals against Jena, which is why their absence kills a bit the momentum. Added to this is the absence of long-term injured Dylan Esmel and Lukas Spalvis – both also attackers. Ironically, against the thoroughly stabilized defensive Braunschweiger must now ensure the second row for the Torgefahr why Kaiserslautern against Braunschweig a tip for the next home win the Red Devils something daring.

Best scorers in the league:
Christian Kühlwetter (8 goals)
Timmy Thiele (4 goals)

Expected formation of Kaiserslautern:
Grill – Kraus – Sickinger – Hainault – Damage – Albaek – Löhmannsröben – Sternberg – Hemlein – Pick – Thiele

Last matches from Kaiserslautern:

⚽ 10.03.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs. Jena 4: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 02.03.2019 – Fortuna Köln vs. Kaiserslautern 2: 2 (3rd league)
⚽ 24.02.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs. Zwickau 1: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 16.02.2019 – Karlsruhe vs. Kaiserslautern 0: 1 (3rd league)
⚽ 09.02.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs. Hall 0: 0 (3rd league)

Braunschweig – Statistics & Current Form

After André Schubert took over coaching at Eintracht Braunschweig on October 10, it looked as if the former Gladbach coach could not replace the Lions, who had been forced to leave the 2. Bundesliga together with their opponents last summer lead back into the road to success. But at the latest during the winter break, the native Kasseler could fully impress the traditional club – also because there were a total of nine new faces in the first team, all of which were completely ignited.

In addition to a golden knack for new entrants such as Marcel Baer, ​​who came from the last Braunschweiger Dreier (1-0 against Unterhaching) was responsible for the golden winner, one of the greatest geniuses of the coach was probably the one to the second team sorted out veteran Marc Pfitzer back to the first team and to make the defensive chief. In the first four games under the 34-year-old, there were no further goals for the team, which still faces the worst defensive of the entire 3rd league with 45 goals conceded. Nevertheless, with regard to the last results, this negative value is only a reminder of a completely screwed-up first half of the season in which the relegation of the league was in the meantime a long way off.

With newly won defensive stability, a rolled-up team and a game concept, with which the BTSV has remained in their last eleven games only once without their own goal (0: 0 against Jena), Eintracht Braunschweig is back in the race. But it is only one point ahead of the relegation zone. The everyday life is therefore still relegation battle. All the more important that the Lions bring their fighting spirit to the pitch even in this tough away game on the notorious Betzenberg, where the home side lost two of their 13 home games of the current season. Although André Schubert behind a few key players such as Benny Kessel and Niko Kijewski also a question mark regarding an insert in this important game, overall, the staff situation looks much better with the lion, which is why at Kaiserslautern against Braunschweig the predictions for a continuation of the last strong Point yield is basically under a good star.

Best scorers in the league:
Philipp Hofmann (8 goals)
Yari Otto (4 goals)

Expected formation of Braunschweig:
Fejzic – Kijewski – Menz – Becker – Kessel – Nehrig – Bulut – Rütten – Bear – Otto – Hofmann

Last matches from Braunschweig:

⚽ 09.03.2019 – Braunschweig vs. Würzburger Kickers 2: 2 (3rd league)
⚽ 03.03.2019 – Jena Vs. Braunschweig 0: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 23.02.2019 – Braunschweig vs. Unterhaching 1: 0 (3rd league)
⚽ 16.02.2019 – Fortuna Cologne vs. Braunschweig 1: 3 (3rd league)
⚽ 10.02.2019 – Braunschweig vs. Wiesbaden 2: 3 (3rd league)

Kaiserslautern vs Braunschweig Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Head to head: 25 – 14 – 18

There have already been 53 clashes between the two former German champions, with the FCK with 25 games won in a direct comparison clearly leads. 14 draws and 18 wins by the Niedersachsen round off the “head to head” balance. Most recently, the BTSV in the first leg under coach Henrik Pedersen with 1: 4 against the Red Devils – then trained by Michael Frontzeck – under the wheels. Now Eintracht Braunschweig wants to return the favor with an away win in the Palatinate and increase the distance to the relegation places.

Kaiserslautern vs Braunschweig Betting Tips and Predictions Analyzed

About both teams can be said that the change of coach, which existed during the season, had a positive effect. Both have also readjusted during the winter break once again vigorously, which is reflected in the new year in very good point yields. Only one defeat from the last seven games is in both teams to book, which here are two of the stronger back round teams face, although in the current table only the eleventh receives the 17th.

Key Facts – Kaiserslautern vs Braunschweig tips

In the first leg Kaiserslautern won 4: 1 in Braunschweig
Kaiserslautern has been unbeaten in five games and scored twelve out of 21 points since the winter break
Braunschweig has a two-point average in 2019 (14 points from seven games) and remained four times in the series without defeat

All in all, it seems to us that Kaiserslautern v. Braunschweig are a bit more likely to win away to Lower Saxony. Simply convincing, because the hosts have to give up four important players in the attack and are forced to rotate in this English week. Against a now very safe and self-confident defensive of the lions it should be correspondingly difficult to score a goal. Because the BTSV only had one time without their own goals in the last eleven games, that speaks a lot for tip 2, which we would like to hedge against the absolutely valid contingency of a draw with the addition “Draw No Bet”.

Betting Prediction: 2 (no draw no bet)
Odds: 2.30