Lazio - Verona betting prediction

Soccer Prediction Lazio – Verona

Duel of losers in the last 3 dates … Lazio after having an overwhelming start and being a highly offensive team occupying the second place with 59 goals … sometimes it gives some lamentable meetings, its defeat with Genoa in the Olympic, the win in 20 minutes against Napoli and to end up losing vs Steaua 1-0.

There is no doubt that they will get the 3 points to occupy the fourth place … because Verona is worse, his last 7 games have a won and 6 losses, as if it was not enough in 5 of them he did not score … however I think Lazio having so many games has reduced the team by decreasing its performance with injured players.

It is a very risky bet and more for being local, but I will go under as Lazio must plan their strategy in the return match against the Romanian squad next Thursday.

Their matchday 6 lost Verona 3-0 and should play perfectly if they want to score a point, because they are in the relegation zone.

Prediction of the Day: less 4.25 goals
Odds: 1.5